May 182012

Buying a mobile phone has become a compulsion for all people and it has become a topic to be discussed and planned. Though costly mobile phones don’t carry value for the people having economic strength, they carry high importance for those people with low economic strength. And those people should check their economy also for buying such gadgets.
According to the investigation carried out by an investigating organization named Gartner, it is found that most of the Europeans and American change their mobile phones twice a year. But, according to mobile phone traders in Nepal, the mobile phones used by the people hardly last for three to four years. It is a bad luck for the people of Nepal that they haven’t got easy and cheap methods for buying mobile phones till date.
So, while buying mobile phones many aspects are to be viewed thoroughly. Some of those important aspects are described below:

The first and foremost thing to be decided while buying a mobile phone is the style of the mobile phone to be bought. Flip phones, candybar etc. are the famous styles of mobile phones in today’s time. Few years ago, slider sets were widely used, but now their sales has decreased. Flip phone is the best choice for keeping in shirts, pants, jackets etc. They are the best ones because keypads and screen won’t be pressed while keeping in the pockets of those dresses. Candybar phones are one of the famous types of mobile sets in Nepalese market. These phones are easy to use and they are mostly strong and shock proof. Due to these features, these phones are widely used. Nowadays, LG and Samsung have brought their some models in Slider styles. These phones contain QWERTY keypad similar to computers which enables the users to get easy typing experience. While buying mobiles, we should be able to decide which models do we like the most.

The main thing that affects the price of the phones is the features in them. The prices of the mobile phones differ due to the various applications. At the time of buying mobiles, spending money for the features that we do not need is worthless. Mobile phone traders always give mental pressure to the buyers to buy expensive mobile phones. But if we can understand what we need in our mobile phone, we can save our money from being wasted.
If our main need is to use email, internet and social networking sites, then our best choice can be smartphones. For those who don’t use such features in their mobile phones, it becomes useless for them to spend money on them. For listening to songs, to watch video clips and to take snaps, mobiles costing four thousand rupees to five thousand rupees is enough.

The next thing to be discussed while buying a new mobile phone is the warranty, guarantee, and battery life of the mobile phone. The occupation of the user and the status of the country also decides the type of mobile phone needed. For example, for the countries like Nepal, where more load shedding occurs, mobile phones with high battery life are best. Likewise, shock proof and dust proof mobile phones can also be bought.
Most of the people plan to buy mobile phones while going abroad. While buying the phones abroad we might get them in cheaper price. But the main thing to be considered is to check whether the mobile network and the frequency band match or not? The frequency bands used in European and American countries are different as compared to the bands used in Nepal. So, they must be thoroughly checked so that the problem of returning the mobile sets again to the seller doesn’t arise. If we are buying GSM mobile phones abroad, then we should buy GSM 900 and 1800, 3G Frequency Band supporting phones.
The companies that sell the mobile phones in Nepal test the mobile phones before 2 to 3 months of selling them. The phones produced by Samsung are sent to Nepal’s shops after testing them in different places of the country.
The battery life of the mobile phones should also be checked while buying mobile phones. If we buy batteries that last for a long time, we won’t face problems. The main reason behind the sales of Indian mobile phones is the battery life of those phones. Indian mobile phone companies are producing such phones which have the talktime of seven days.

Use of Mobile Phones
Today mobile phones are not only means to talk to people. They have became so much advanced that we can use Internet, WiFi and different other functions. We can even do video chats in mobile phones and television can also be watched in mobile phones. While buying mobile phones, we should know our needs or requirements first. Otherwise, we may just waste our money in vain.
If we are fond of using internet in mobile phones, then CDMA E-Video and 3G are the best choices. If we use mobile phones in villages and remote areas, then CDMA phones are the best. If we use phones in urban and developed areas, then 3G is the best. We can use high speed internet through 3G supported phones like iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia etc.

The proper and wise use of mobile phones will result in the easy and luxurious life. So, it is better to buy such phones which meet our requirements and our stature.

May 182012

Heart attacks are one of the very dreadful diseases that may take place in any person at any time. It is also taken as one of the complex disease in human. It occurs if the flow of oxygen rich blood to heart muscle suddenly becomes blocked. A heart attack occurs if the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a section of heart muscle is blocked suddenly. The section of heart muscles begins to die if blood flow isn’t restored quickly. Narrowing of blood vessels due to the increase in fat or clotting of blood on them may interrupt the supply of blood to heart which is taken as the prime factor of heart attack.

Heart attack is a serious disease which may take the life of people. So, timely medical measures should be taken to avoid such disease. You can also get detail about preventing from heart attack in the following site. Simply click on Drug Risk. Heart attacks is mainly caused due to unhygienic fooding style, lack of physical exercises, use of tobacco products, high blood pressure and fat in the blood etc.