May 222012

Founder and CEO of famous Social Networking Site Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is now no more a bachelor. He has married his 27 year old girlfriend, Priscilla Chan in his Pao Alto’s house in California, United States of America. Facebook’s shares had just been sent to the market on Friday. Despite this busy time, Mark Zuckerberg got married. He married by giving a surprise to all the visitors in his home.

Recently Mark Zuckerberg had celebrated his twenty eighth birthday whereas Priscilla had got the degree from a medical college. The visitors thought that the party was given by Mark on the occasion of Priscilla’s success but things were different. In the marriage, Mark Zuckerberg had given Priscilla a ruby ring which was designed by Mark himself.

Mark and Priscilla had met first time in Howard University before nine years. That same Mark Zuckerberg had established the new revolution in social networking, Facebook in 2004 A.D. Currently, Mark is having a great life with his wife Priscilla Chan.

May 222012
It has been seven months since the death of Apple’s CEO and Founder Steve Jobs but his inventions and creations are not dead till now. They are now in the process of birth. It is said that the IPhone 5 that Apple Inc., U.S.A. is going to launch this year is the creation of Late Steve Jobs.
According to a report, Steve Jobs had already designed IPhone’s fifth edition before his expiry. Though Steve Jobs had told that people didn’t like to own a large screen and bulky device, later he left that thought and brought out the plan to create the fifth version of IPhone.
The report shows that Apple’s IPhone 5 is going to have a larger screen than its previous version IPhone 4S. Current IPhone 4S has screen size of 3.5 inches but the IPhone 5 will have the screen size of 4.0 inches. It is said that the fifth version of IPhone is going to be released in coming October, 2012 A.D. This new IPhone 5 will work in the 4G networks.