May 232012

Today, the world has developed a lot from each and every field. Humans have made great progress in all the important fields. Same is with communication and information technology field. In these fields, we can find that humans have the power to communicate to any person living at any corner of the world due to the development in communication and information technology.

As a result of this development, social networking sites were created which enabled users to talk to each other not only through texts but also face to face. Through such sites in the internet, the people can now easily share photos, videos, news and songs at any time they like. One of the examples of such useful social networking sites is mig33.

Mig33 was launched in December of 2005 as the first global mobile community and social networking site. It was launched by a team of internet experts. The concept of creating such community came into the mind of those experts when they were talking about bringing out a new way for the people for talking to each other and get connected with the use of GPRS and Internet. They were carrying out this discussion about this in a library coffee shop. After that they started their plan or campaign to bring out new way of staying connected.

Today, mig33 has influenced the users from more than 200 users. It has brought out so many features that have attracted people towards using mig33. We can not only chat through mig33 but also voice call our relatives and friends in a cheap and affordable price. We can even share photos, videos and ideas through its miniblog feature. We can even send Virtual Gifts to our friends. We can play different interesting and new games through this social networking site. And using mig33 is very much cheap and simple that everyone can use it. The main thing that we need to have in mig33 is migCredits. MigCredits can also be told as mig33’s currency which is used while playing games, calling people and sending virtual gifts. These migCredits can be bought from mig33’s authorized sellers knows as Merchants or Mentors.

Personally, the main feature that I love in mig33 is the migLevel. The more migLevel, the more migPowers. MigLevels can also be defined as the standard of the users. It is expressed in numbers from 1 to unlimited. A new user has migLevel 1 and he has to use mig33 to get further progress in migLevels. MigLevels make mig33 fun and it even creates a healthy and entertaining competition among the users.

I almost forgot to write about the chatroom features and group chat features that can be found while chatting in mig33. We can create and visit different chatrooms in mig33 and we can even create group chats too. Also we can create our own groups in which we can link our chatrooms. The official website of mig33 is

My personal username in mig33 is sagunraj. The chatroom that I personally love in mig33 is BABY SWEET TIME which is linked to group BABY BABY BABY. The owner of this group and chatroom is She is a member of mig33 staff crew. Other staff crew members of mig33 are (Co-Founder and CEO),,, etc.

May 232012

The world is growing tremendously with cut throat competition. Money is the thing that can do anything in our life. Even from birth of a baby to the death of money is needed. Money has become essential part of human life without which human life may be very much difficult. Since money is earned by a hard work and it is needed in every part of our life, saving of money is also very important for our future.

For the investment or running some business firm or to raise the economic standard of people, saving is very essential. Without saving money, there won’t be economic development. Saved money is used in emergency purpose and for further improvement in our life. Similarly coupons are also one of the way of saving money. Coupons provides some concession in a particular things which makes goods or services cheap. Providing or getting coupons mean to save some sorts of money. Saving money is really required for economic development. So, saving money or coupons mean to get some concession on monetary value. You can also save money by spending less and saving more. Let’s Spend Less and Save More for bright future. You can also get different kinds of coupons in varieties of goods and services which helps to save money. You can also visit the following link in order to get some coupons in varieties of goods and services.  Simply click here to get some coupons and start to save money.