May 242012

Today, the world is in the era of Information and Technology. Humans have developed a lot of things in them and the things that are around them with the help of their extraordinary mind. They have invented  many new and advanced gadgets and technology which have made their life very much easier than before. Among those technologies invented and developed by humans till date, Internet is also the one.

Internet can be defined as the network of all the computers and their servers which can be found all over the world. Humans have now created such a virtual world in which they can find anything they want. Internet has became very much vast because of this large size of network. But humans have now became more busy and they have less time for searching stuffs in this vast virtual world. So, search engines were created by humans so that they can search anything in the Internet in a less time.

Google is one of the companies which has been working since a decade and more in the field of Internet. It has been giving many facilities to the Internet users since its establishment. It has provided mailbox facilities as well as other facilities which are helping rapidly in the field of communication by the use of Internet. Google’s Search Engine is also a facility provided by Google to the people. It is used by the people for searching different stuffs in the Internet in a short time. It not only gives results in a short time but also the results given by it are accurate. It means by using Google Search Engine, we can find whatever we need in the Internet in a short time. It is very much efficient in its work.

Google Search Engine was brought out by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996 A.D. when Internet was not that much developed. But they brought out a concept of giving fast searching service to the people who used Internet. In this was Google Search Engine was created and Google Inc. was established.

Today Google has became one of the advanced and reliable companies which work in the field of Internet. It has proven itself as the best candidate for the number one spot in the Internet Service Providers’ list through its different awesome features. One of the strong features that have made Google number one is Google Search Engine.