May 282012

Constitution is simply defined as the set of rules and regulations which must be followed by every citizen of a country. It is really very much important for every country and its citizens since without it there will be no discipline in the country.  A country may even be a prey of many illegal activities which may lead the country to terrorism and destruction as well as devastation. Likewise a country will be in a very much sensitive condition in case of lack of proper constitution.

Same condition is with the Asian landlocked country Nepal. It is now also running under its Interim Constitution which is not being very much effective and efficient to maintain rule of law and discipline in the country. It is in a very much sensitive condition. After Nepal became a Republic country in 2008 A.D., its Constitutional Assembly began the work of drafting the new constitution of Federal Democratic Republic Nepal. But even after 4 years of its working period, Nepal has not got its new constitution till now. 27th May, 2012 was the final day for the end of working period of Constitutional Assembly of Nepal. But till 27th May also, it couldn’t draft the new constitution of Nepal and it had to be dissolved.

What would be the situation of Nepal and the Nepalese if the constitution of Nepal would be drafted on time? Everyone can guess that there would be happiness and protest simultaneously. It is because it was sure that people were not getting the constitution which would satisfy every one. Division of country into states on the basis of caste was getting high amount of support as well as protest. Though constitution would be drafted on time, there would be various reactions in the people. Many demonstrations would have taken place. The protests which were taking place from a long time would surely get continuity. Some people would criticize the new constitution as incomplete, improper and useless one. Different things would have happened. But unfortunately, the constitution couldn’t be drafted since the different parties involved in the Constitutional Assembly were not being able to work together.

After the dismissing of Constituent Assembly on 27th May, 2012, the places of the whole country have became calm. The faces of the leaders and members of the Constituent Assembly seem like those people who have been to a funeral programme. Many citizens are feeling like they have lost something. Though 28th May was the Republic Day of Nepal, the Nepalese don’t seem to be in a happy and joyful mood. They are shocked, sad as well as worried and anxious too. All the demonstrations and protest against the Constituent Assembly have ended. The words of criticism are not heard now. In the recent days, many activities that tried to disturb the racial and social harmony took place all over the country. But on 28th May such activities are not seen at all.

It is even felt that after dissolving of Constituent Assembly, the country has returned back into its peaceful state where there is racial and social harmony. Though there are many things to worry about, it is felt that there are no such activities taking place which will again try to destroy the harmony and unity that is among the people of whole Nepal.
Now, the Government of Nepal has decided to redraft the constitution after organizing the election of New Constituent Assembly which will take place on 22nd November, 2012. Lets hope that Nepal will soon get its new constitution which will satisfy all the people. Lets pray for it and lets be optimistic.