Jun 292012

The rainy season is one of the most important seasons that take place in the earth. In this season, the earth receives rainfall from its atmosphere which is a great source of water for the earth as well as its organisms. So, rainy season can be termed as a very useful season. Along with the usefulness of rainy season, we get some drawbacks from this season too. The drawback is that we have to face a challenge to protect our electronic gadgets like mobile phone, tablet, camera, laptop etc. from water.

So, in this season we should be very much careful about caring for our electronic gadgets which are highly valuable and important for us and our daily life. Though we try our best to protect our gadgets from water, unfortunately we may become unsuccessful sometime. We may become unable to protect our highly important electronic gadgets from water. In order to protect our gadgets from being damaged, we can observe the following tips and tricks:

1. Whether our gadget is either mobile phone, or laptop, or a camera, after the entering of water in our gadgets, we must switch our gadget off and take out the battery of the gadget.

2. We should take out the important things like memory card, sim card etc. from our gadget.

3. Trying to take the water that has entered into our gadget, by shaking or giving jerks is a great idea to save our gadget.

4. In order to make the outer surface of the gadget dry, we should wipe it with the help of a dry piece of cloth or a piece of paper. But we should not use a rough material to wipe it.

5. In order to dry the gadget and minimize its wetness, we can put it near to an air conditioner but we should never put it in front of a fan or a hair dryer.

6. If possible, we should store our gadget inside a pouch of rice. But we should save our gadget from the dust that is in the rice. After keeping our gadget in the pouch of rice for some hours, the coldness and wetness of the gadget will be minimized.

7. After keeping our gadget inside rise, we should take it out and place it on a dry surface. If wetness is found anywhere on the gadget, we can dip an earbud in alcohol spirit and use the earbud at the part which is wet. After waiting for sometime, we can switch our gadget on.

By following  the instructions that are given above, we can easily save our gadgets from getting damaged. But these tricks are not usable if there is more amount of water the inner part of our gadget or if the gadget is wet for a long time.


Jun 282012

Samsung has taken over the globe through its new and innovative smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung  Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Young etc. It has brought out such great features in its smartphones by which it beat the King of Mobile Phones, Nokia. It has snatched the crown of Nokia and became the new King in the world of mobile phones.

Among such smartphones which contributed a lot to take Samsung to whole new level, Samsung Galaxy S3 is also the one. It is the third version of Samsung Galaxy S series after Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S2. It was recently lauched in May, 2012 in London, United Kingdom. Since then, it has created a new thrill and revolution in the world of mobile phones and electronic gadgets. Let us know, what are the features that have made Samsung Galaxy S3 so much popular? How has it able to bring out such a great impact in the minds of the people? Obviously with the help of its features and performances. So let us now know about the features and performances of the all new Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is somewhat larger than its older version Samsung Galaxy S2. It is found that this phone contains the wide display screen of 4.8 inches and many modern advanced features. Due to the Smart Stay feature of this phone, the display of this phone doesn’t stop glowing till the user is looking at the screen. Another interesting feature of this phone is the S-Voice Service. Actually, this phone consists a software which works according to the voice commands of the user. This software in the phone turns the alarm off after hearing the voice command “Alarm Off”. Likewise if we instruct the phone to call a friend in our phonebook by telling the command, the phone automatically dials a call to that friend.

Likewise, Samsung Galaxy S3 has a Quad-core processor having capacity of 1.4 GHz and a Random Access Memory (RAM) of 1 GB. This phone has the internal memory of 32 GB. This phone runs by Google’s Android Mobile Operating System. Another interesting feature of this phone is that we don’t need to click the keypad in order to pick up a call. This phone is so much smart that it automatically picks up the call when we take it near to our ear. This phone contains a camera of 8 megapixels.

Unlike other phones, in this phone we can carry out two different operations in a single screen. It means we can display two applications in the same screen simultaneously. For example, if we are watching any internet site and we want to watch a video, then we can simply watch videos in Pop-Up Play. Likewise, this phone contains the feature named Face Unlock. By using this feature, the phone can be unlocked only when it sees the face of the user whose face is recorded in the phone. This phone is available in White, Black and Blue colours with which we can get a plastic cover too. This 133 gram phone is 5.38 inch long, 2.78 inch wide and 0.34 inch thick. And it can even work in a 4G network.

The other top features of Samsung Galaxy S3 are listed below:

1. Videos and Sounds playable in Adobe Flash Software.

2. Battery chargeable by connecting the phone and computer using USB Data Cable.

3. Availability of Wireless Charging Feature. It means that it can even be charged without using any kind of plug or wire.

4. Replaceable battery with high working capacity.

5. Presence of HDMI feature by which we can watch the videos that are in the phone in a television.