Jul 242012

The Nepalese people are facing the problem of load-shedding. For solving the problem of load-shedding in Nepal, the Ministry of Energy completed six different hydel projects for possible megawatts of electricity. As a result of such project, the additional 70 megawatt of electricity is expected to be added to the national grid in this fiscal year. The mentioned six hydro projects would built with public and private investment and will be operational during the fiscal year.

However, the addition of 70 megawatts of electricity won’t meet the total national demand for electricity but the addition of it will help to meet the demand in some extent.

According to the ministry, the projects expected to be completed during this fiscal year include the Chameliya Project of 30 MW, Spring and Tallomodi of 10 MW each, Aakhu of 8 MW, 4.5 MW of Bijayapur and 5 MW of Siuri Project. Similarly, other small hydro power projects would also generate electricity.

Chameliya Hydropower Project would be completed by this year even though construction of the project was delayed due to some problems in the construction of the tunnel claimed by the Ministry. With this addition, the total production of electricity would be 780 megawatts.

The estimated demand for electricity according to Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) would reach 1163 megawatts by the end of the current fiscal year and the load-shedding hours could not decrease even the addition of 70 MW of electricity.

Chameliya Hydro Power Project is run by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and the remaining projects are being run by the investment of private companies.

Likewise, the government has planned to electrify 335,000 households and is planning to import electricity from India. Currently, 145 MW of electricity is importing from India in order to meet the demand of electricity.

The ministry is mulling to generate one megawatt in the Singha Durbar with the financial assistance of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The ADB has already extended 2.3m U.S dollars financial support for the same so far. nepalnews.com