Jul 252012

Many people may wonder about the first photo uploaded in the internet for the first time. This may be one of the curious matter in the history of the internet. And the most curious matter may be the question “When the first photo was uploaded in the internet?”

Internet, the king of network that can connect million of computers and can share different information from one corner of the country to anther corner of another country. The world of the internet and the development of the it is too vast. Millions of people are using internet for various purpose in their life. Internet users are engaged on finding news and information, searching jobs and university, chatting, buying and selling of the products, promotion of different things, checking e-mails and so on.

But the subject matter is related with the first photo uploaded in the world in the internet. Now a days every person can upload many photos in a very less time and the number of photos in the internet are quite uncountable. There is too drastic development in the internet world in very less time. We cannot imagine the time with internet. So it becomes the important part of our life which help to make world closer and closer. But the first photo uploaded in the internet was only 20 years ago.

The first photo in the internet was uploaded in 18th July 1992. The scientist from Cern Laboratory of Geneva, Switzerland successfully uploaded the photo during web building. The Father of Web, Tim BernersLee uploaded the first photo in the internet. The luckiest photo for the first time in the internet was the photo of popular music band “Les Horribles Cernettes”. It was the photo of  female staffs of Cern who founded Les Horribles Cernettes band. Lee uploaded the photo for testing his website.

The band had also conducted their last musical show in Geneva, Switzerland on the occasion of 20th year of photo upload.