Aug 212012

American gadgets’ producer, Apple has brought out such new and innovative gadgets in the market which have became successful to rule over the hearts and minds of the people living all over the world. Among such gadgets produced by Apple, I Phone, I Pad, I Pod, I Mac etc. have contributed a lot in order to make Apple famous in the present world of information and technology.

Today, due to the innovative and useful creations of Apple, it has became the most valuable company of the world. Latest statistical data have shown that as a company, the total monetary value of Apple is found to be 622 billion US Dollars. One of the major factors that have made Apple so much valuable and successful is the increment in the cost of shares which were used in the production of I Phone, I Pad and I Mac. Analysts say that the belief of the people in the new models of I Phone and I Pad has taken Apple to a whole new level.

Although Apple has became successful to become the costliest company of the world, it has became unsuccessful to earn the amount of estimated profit. In the third three months of this year, Apple has earned altogether eight billion and eighty million US Dollars. This profit is 21% greater than the profit that Apple had earned in the third three months of the previous year. But, this profit is lesser than the profit that was estimated by Apple. In the recent two years, the development rate of Apple is found to be slower. Due to this, Apple may be facing more problems in the future.