Sep 032012

American computer and mobile phone producer Apple’s first computer is going to be sold on auction. The computer created for the first time by Steve Jobs in his father’s garage is going to be sold on auction in coming October 9th, 2012 in the city of London. The name of this computer is Apple One.

It is believed that the price of this computer in the auction maybe upto eighty thousand pounds. This price is one hundred and ninety times more than the original price of this computer.

It is estimated that there are only fifty Apple One computers existing in the whole world among which only six are in the working condition. The computer that will be kept in the auction belongs to former Apple employee Joy Copson.

Since this computer is very rarely found in the world today, this computer will be kept in the auction in which there will be active participation of many gadget lovers, museums and other personalities from the whole world. World’s most expensive company Apple believes that Apple One will surely help to reveal the history of Apple in front of the world.

Let’s always keep in mind that Apple’s first product, Apple One was launched by Steve Jobs in July, 1976 at California, U.S.A. This computer was designed by his friend. The price of this computer was set as 666.66 US Dollars at that time. But when Jobs had directly sent this computer to the market from his father’s garage, the price of this computer immediately decreased to just 475 US Dollars. Upto 1977, more than two hundred Apple One computers were produced by Apple. The Apple One computer that was kept in auction last year was sold in almost three hundred and seventy five thousand US Dollars.