Sep 122012

It is said that by good health, we mean opportunity to maintain life without being affected with any kind of disease or illness. It is easier to understand about the reproductive health after we have some knowledge about health itself. The term ‘reproductive health’ is made up of two words ‘reproductive’ and ‘health’. The word ‘reproductive’ refers to the process of giving birth.

In this sense, reproductive health means the study of factors that affect the health of a person regarding the reason of reproduction.

Many people still regard vulgar to talk about the matter related to reproductive organs. When the small children ask some questions and curiosity, they are discouraged and even scolded for being nonsense and immoral. Simply observing, it seems to be the attempt of curtailing vulgarity but such type of prohibition brings fatal consequences both biologically as well as mentally. When the burning curiosity has to be subdued, the children are mentally depressed and sometimes begin to develop false assumptions about these matters. You also might have some questions regarding reproduction and sex and how you feel when someone scolds you instead of giving correct answer. Therefore, getting knowledge about reproductive right is one of the unalienable rights of human beings.

Reproductive health is an integral part of wholesome health dealing with reproductive and sexual behavior. In this light, WHO (World Health Organization) defines reproductive and sexual health as:

A state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity in all matters related to the reproductive system and to its functions and processes.

 This definition of WHO also focuses on all round perfection in reproductive matter. Physical well being refers to the free from any kind of illness related to reproductive organs and their functions. It encompasses the state in which you are free of STDs and other reproductive diseases. Mental alertness is another of the important areas that reproductive health emphasizes. You must be out of any kinds of torments related to sex. Some people have burning depression and sometimes intense sexual longing also makes us restless and sometimes some dual motives are in a state of flux. Reproductive health focuses to be free from these all mental deformity. Reproductive code and conduct should be socially modeled. This is the social dimension of reproductive health. Getting information about reproductive system, right to decide the number of children and adopt the means of family planning are the essential rights of anyone else. Reproductive health focuses on these all.

Reproductive health is studied in an integrated manger with sexual health education. Reproductive and sex education aims at developing awareness in the matters related to reproduction and sexuality. It is not only concerned with how is the reproductive system constructed? How do these organs function? But it also teaches the process of reproduction on human beings. It also teaches about dating, boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, marriage and contraception. Therefore, this is an important field of study for the young children like us.