Sep 132012

Mig33 is one of the most famous and widely used social networking sites in today’s time. It is used by the people living in most of the countries of the world. It is very much famous in many Asian and African countries like Nepal, India, Bangladesh, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Indonesia, Qatar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Libya, Syria etc. It was launched by a group of enthusiastic internet and computer experts in December, 2005 A.D. It was especially created to enable easy mobile text chatting between the people. But today, it has not only become a means for mobile text chatting but also much more. Currently, Steven Goh is working in the post of the Chief Executive Officer of mig33. He is a co-founder of mig33. His username is crazygrape.

Since different people from different places and different thoughts use mig33, sometimes misunderstandings can take place in mig33 which may give rise to fights and quarrels while chatting. Especially when misunderstandings take place in a Chatroom (a place where many users chat at once), many users may get disturbed and irritated because of the quarrels of other users. Such quarrels may even affect real life relations between the users badly.

Likewise, sometimes some users may use tools for sending unnecessary texts at a high speed for irritating users in chatrooms. These activities degrade the discipline in the community. In the same way, some users may be needing help at the time of using mig33. So, for the removal or eradication of all these problems, mig33 provides special posts and powers to the users who are using mig33 from a long time and who are actively participating in helping the users in the community. This post is called the post of Global Admin.

In simple words, Global Admins can be defined as the users who are assigned special powers by mig33 for helping users in mig33 and maintaining discipline throughout the community. Till today, many users are assigned as Global Admins from different countries. Mig33 assigns Global Admins with respect to countries so that it would be easier for the Global Admins to understand the activities and interact with the users of their own countries. For the maintenance of discipline, Global Admins are given powers to kick the users and ban them from any chatroom whereas simple users don’t have such powers. The Global Admins can easily be identified by their yellow coloured usernames.

This week also, mig33 has selected some Global Admins from two countries, which are India and Indonesia. Since the Indian and Indonesian chatrooms were not being managed properly and many issues of fights and quarrels came to mig33, mig33 felt necessary to select Global Admins from these two countries. It opened vacancy for Global Admins from India and Indonesia some days before and after viewing the applications and interviewing the applicants, mig33 announced the new Global Admins on 12th September, 2012. Altogether fifteen Global Admins were selected among which five were from India and ten were from Indonesia.

The usernames of new Global Admins from India are given below:

  1. vaisaak
  2. sanaya.khan
  3. swit_chilli
  4. pink_princess7
  5. simran143_4u

The usernames of Global Admins from Indonesia are given below:

  1. rollking
  2. rania.-
  3. sahara_angel
  4. benyso
  5. gina.hanna
  6. brake
  7. pakduz
  8. rayu
  9. girly_ren
  10. charien_narziz

These are the users whom mig33 has provided opportunity to work for the community. We would like to congratulate all of them. We would even like to wish a best of luck to them. We hope that they will never disappoint the mig33 users and always work for the welfare of the mig33 community.