Sep 162012

After the launching of new version of Apple’s iPhone, iPhone 5 in the market on Wednesday, an avalanche of comments and reviews on this phone has taken place. Equipped with new and awesome features, iPhone 5 is the slimmest smartphone ever created in the world. With the release of iPhone 5, many websites as well as newspapers, magazines etc. have started to post articles about this phone which is the latest creation of American gadget producer, Apple.

We can find diverse reviews and comments on iPhone 5 from gadget lovers, IT experts etc. According to a survey held by popular website, it is found that 38% of the total number of website visitors told that they would by iPhone 5. Similarly, many people commented on iPhone 5 as a boring and complicated smartphone in a survey held by a popular newspaper named Herald Sun.

American news portal site Washington Post also didn’t take this new version of iPhone as a good smartphone. It is said that iPhone 5 is just a dramatic redesign of old iPhone versions which contains just some new features to attract people towards it. Apple’s iPhone 5 consists of a backplate which is made up of metal whereas the previous versions of iPhone consisted of backplate made up of glass. iPhone 5 consists of a smaller camera than the previous iPhones but the sensors of this new iPhone are powerful than the sensors of previous versions of iPhone.

Herald Sun says that iPhone 5 is good but not bombastic. The customers will be unsatisfied with the connector of new iPhone because this new connector doesn’t match with old iPhones.

However, computer-related site CNet has given a positive review about this smartphone. It has said that Apple’s new iPhone 5 is going to bring out a new revolution in gadget world. It has also said that this smartphone will help Apple to regain its position as a leading smartphone producing brand. But it has also said that the so called features which are added in the new iPhone are already kept in the smartphones of other brands, which were released before iPhone 5.

IT Expert, Horace Dediu has expected that Apple will be able to have sales of about seventeen million pieces of iPhone 5. Likewise, according to J.P. Morgan, the sales of iPhone 5 will accommodate 0.5% of  the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States of America.

Gadget-related website Slashgear has written that Apple’s iPhone 5 is different from others and it will give a new experience and feeling to the user when the user will use it in his/her hand. In short words, its design is fabulous. In case that you are not the supporter of Apple and you don’t like it, you won’t be doing anything wrong if you’ll support and praise such a company which has released such a fantastic gadget.

Similarly, another website has announced iPhone 5 as the world’s best mobile phone. It has also praised about it hardware and has said that the A6 processor in this phone has given new life to this phone. Since this phone is equipped with a wide display screen, this website has ensured that there is no reason to be unhappy with this smartphone.

But, technology-related site ZDNet has signaled that the new technology developed in iPhone 5 may give rise to patent related issues between Apple and Samsung.

Thus, a new member has been added in the world of smartphones. iPhone 5 will be available from September 21st, 2012 in the markets of altogether thirty two nations of the world including the United States of America and the United Kingdom. It is believed that iPhone 5 will hit the market of Nepal till the end of 2012 A.D.