Sep 242012

These days motorbikes are very much popular and widely used by the people. In case of the youths, it has became a fashion to own motorbikes. Especially in urban areas, most of the youths are fond of riding motorbikes. Though motorbikes can be bought in just two or three lakh rupees in Nepal, most of the youths own and run motorbikes costing twenty five to thirty lakh rupees. Here are some motorbikes which have brought out a new revolution in the Nepalese motorbike market.

Suzuki is one of the most famous and loved motor producers in the world. Recently it has launched motorbikmotorbikeses which are especially designed for the youths. It has launched motorbikes like GSX 600 R, B-King and Burg Man in the market. GSX 600 is of 600 C.C. which costs twenty two lakh rupees in Nepal whereas B-King is of 1340 C.C. which costs twenty five lakh rupees. Similarly, Suzuki Burg Man is especially for those who love to ride luxury scooters. Though these motorbikes are highly powerful, they give low mileage which is not very good for the people having low economic status and scarcity of petroleum products.

Yamaha is one of the motorbike producers whose motorbikes have ruled over most of the hearts of the Nepalese people. Recently it has brought omotorbikesut many stylish and luxurious bikes which have successfully attracted the people. This time it has launched bikes like R1-5, FZ-s, RS 600 and XJ 600. Yamaha FZ-s is of 153 C.C. which is available in four different elegant and attractive colours. The cost of this motorbike is three lakh twenty two thousand rupees. It is said that this motorbike is the most efficient motorbike that is used by the Nepalese.motorbikes

Yamaha has brought out RS 600 and XJ 600 for racing bike lovers. These bikes are created by Japanese technology.

Honda is one of the oldest motorbike producers of the world. It has launched some new motorbikes motorbikesfor Nepalese market. It has launched the new version of CBR 1000 RR whose price is twenty six lakh rupees. The cost of old version of CBR 1000 RR is twenty one lakh and ninety nine thousand rupees. It has launched CBR 250 RA for those who like to ride racing bikes but can’t afford more on them. The cost of this bike is five lakh and fifteen thousand rupees.