Oct 152012

What is success? Is it wealth? Is it good health or satisfaction or happiness? As a result of the thoughts and views of many experts and philosophers, the word ‘success’ has received innumerable definitions. According to Earl Nightingale, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.” It means that success is not the ultimate goal of a person but it is just a path through which we can achieve several goals in our life.

To be successful, there should not be acceptance of all. It means that there must be some people who criticize our works. This criticism will encourage us to do better works than we did before. If we get acceptance and praise only, we may stop thinking further more for the betterment and development of our deeds or works.

While telling the fact, walking in the path of success is not an easy task. There are various hindrances or obstacles which create problem for being successful. Ego, over confidence, lack of planning, undefined goals, fear, lack of training, lack of opportunity, lack of encouragement etc. are the main hindrances which affect our success. Successful people win over others just by small and ordinary changes, and they get much more by this win. It is also said that successful people do not do new things but they do things in a new way. Let us take an example of running race or marathon race. In this game, the time difference between the first winner and the last one can be just few seconds but the reward that the first winner receives is much more than the difference between the timings.

After going through these words, a question may arise in our mind. And that question is “What is the key of success?” The answer of this question is just a single word i.e., struggle.

If we take a look at the history and the world, I bet we will not be able to find any person who has became successful without struggle. There is no person in this world who became successful without a failure. It is because, a person gets a lesson after s/he tastes the flavour of failure. This taste will help us to rectify our errors and flaws which will help us to be more efficient and accurate in the future. For the rectification of the errors and flaws, struggle is the must. So we can say that nothing comes without struggle in our life. To get to the peak of success, we have to overcome all the obstacles. If we become discouraged due to obstacles and failures, we will never be able to achieve success in our whole life. Let us always keep in mind that only losers give up but winners always try and try till they become able to ride the difficult mountain of success.

Not only struggle, but practice is also another factor that affects success. For becoming successful, we need to practice until we are perfect. Practice is always necessary, even if you are confident. It is because no one is perfect in this world. Mistakes may take place anywhere at anytime. These mistakes can just be minimized by practice. It is practice which helps to increase our skills and make them powerful and efficient. So we should practice more so that we will be able to boost up our skill level. This will surely help us to become successful.

Written By: Razev Budhathoki
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Edited by: Sagun Raj Lage (Administrator)