Oct 232012

Compact Disk (CD) and Digital Versatile Disk (DVD) are one of the storage devices which used to be very much famous. These disks are circular in shape. These days Compact Disks and Digital Versatile Disks are slowly being substituted by new and advanced storage devices like memory cards, pen drives, external hard disks etc. But also these disks are now also used as one of the best methods to store data and information for future further use. These disks cost very less and they are taken as reliable devices. The data and information in these disks remain safe till the disks are stored in a safe manner. After the disks are scratched, the chances of damages in the data and information increase. Due to this problem, our huge amount of important data and information may get lost forever.

Here are some steps to save our data and information that are stored in a Compact Disk or Digital Versatile Disk. These steps may help in reducing the scratches made in the disk in which we have stored our data and information.

  • First of all, the scratched disk should be thoroughly cleaned by using soap and water so that all the dust particles in the disk get removed.
  • After cleaning, the disk should be properly dried by wiping it with the help of a clean piece of cloth.
  • Now toothpaste should be properly put on the disk. It should be kept at the bottom of the disk.
  • After putting toothpaste, the disk should be left as it is for approximately five minutes.
  • Then the disk should be cleaned with the help of water.
  • After cleaning, it should be again wiped with a clean piece of cloth.

By this process, the scratches on a disk can be easily minimized. We assure you that this process will never harm your disk or your disk player or disk drive, only in that condition when the disk is properly dried and used.