Nov 292012

We already know that, 2013 A.D. is at our doorsteps. It is only some days away from us now. Nowadays, many smartphone producers are planning to create new models of smartphones. They are planning to release them on the auspicious occasion of new year. Among such smartphone producers, HTC, Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, Sony are the ones.

Many smartphone producers haven’t publicized about their new products. But there are too many rumors about the looks and features of the new smartphones launching in the year 2013 A.D. We have described about the smartphones which are expected to be released in 2013 A.D. below:

Samsung Galaxy S IV
Samsung Galaxy S IV is the new version of the Samsung Galaxy S series. This is the successor of the popular Samsung Galaxy S III. It will be launched in February, 2013 A.D. This phone consists of Amoled screen of 5 inches. It also contains ARM Cortex A 1.5 QuadCore processor. This phone will be available in the internal storage of 16 G.B., 32 G.B., 64 G.B. and 128 G.B. This phone will also have a 3 G.B. RAM, rear camera of 13 megapixel, front camera of 1.9 megapixel and a battery of 3200 mAh. Samsung Galaxy S IV will also have LTE and NFC connectivity features.

Nokia Lumia 830 Zeal
In 2013 A.D., Lumia 830 Zeal will be the latest version of Lumia series of Nokia. This smartphone will work with Windows 8 platform with 4.3 inches of WVGA screen. This phone will also have 1 GHz Dual core processor, 512 M.B. RAM and 8 G.B. of internal storage. Lumia 830 will also support microSD card.

HTC Opera UL
Opera UL will be launched by HTC in the year 2013 A.D. which will contain 4.1 Android Jellybean operating system. This phone will also have 1280×720 pixels HD screen display, 1.4 GHz Dual core processor, Adrino 305 graphics and 4.0 bluetooth. Opera UL will also consist of WiFi connection.

Blackberry 10
Blackberry 10 will be launched in the year 2013 A.D. with a Blackberry 10 operating system. This phone will also have a QWERTY keypad and a touch screen pad too. Blackberry 10 is a part of N and N series of blackberry.

Huawei Ascend W 1
Ascend W 1 will be launched in 2013 A.D. by Huawei. This smartphone will have 4 inches of screen display and 800×480 pixel screen resolution. Similarly, this phone will also have a rear camera of 5 megapixels with a LED flash light. It will have a front facing VGA camera. Likewise, this phone will also have 1.2 GHz Dual core processor, 512 M.B. RAM, 4 G.B. internal storage and battery of 2000 mAh.

Sony Odin C650X
Sony Odin C650X will be the new product of Sony in 2013 A.D. which will consist of 1080 pixel HD display, Android Jellybean operating system and a rear camera of 13 megapixels. This smartphone will consist of 2 G.B. RAM and 32 G.B. internal memory.

LG Optimus G
LG Optimus G will also be released in 2013 A.D. as a representative of LG. This phone will contain IPS screen of 4.7 inches and will support the pixels upto 1280×768. It will have 2 G.B. RAM, a rear camera of 13 megapixels and a front camera of 1.3 megapixels. It will also support 4G LTE and WiFi connection.

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Nov 292012

On the earth, almost all living organisms exhibit their specific type of behaviour in response to environmental conditon or external stimuli. Hence, behaviour may be defined as the expression of living organisms or activities shown in response to the stimuli or circumstances. The complexity of behavioural pattern shown by the animals depends upon the degree of complexity of the central nervous system (C.N.S.). So, in vertebrates, the behavioural activities are seen progressively more complex,

actually due to more development of brain. In general, different behavioural activities of the organisms are observed during breeding, feeding, migratory behaviour, finding residence for living or resting, protection from predators and other adverse environmental conditions.

Types of Animal Behaviour

The types of animal behaviour are described below:

1. Innate or Stereotype Behaviour
The behavioural pattern of the organisms develop as a region of inbuilt adaptive mechanism is called innate or stereotype behaviour. This type of behaviour does not need experience or practice from outer environmental conditions. For examples, taxes, reflexes, migratory behaviour, dominance, mating behaviour, territorial behaviour, various social behaviours etc.

2. Learned Behaviour
The behaviour of organisms developed by learning or day by day experience through different environmental circumstances is called learned behaviour. The degree of learned behaviour depends upon the complexity of organization of nervous system. It depends on the memory gained from experiences. For example, dancing, singing, playing, swimming etc.