Jun 022012

Microsoft Corporation is a famous organization which has been working in the area of Computers and Internet since a long time. It can also be called as the leading company which is actively participating for the development of Computers and Internet till date. It is not only producing hardwares for computers but also softwares which assist for the smooth running of the hardwares of the computers.

Today humans have achieved a lot of success in the development of internet communication. They have created such means in the internet through which they can chat and talk to any person staying at any corner of the world. One of those means is Social Networking Site. Most of the people who have access to internet facilities are using social networking sites rapidly. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Mig33, Nimbuzz, Ebuddy etc. are being used for not only communication purposes but also for entertainment purposes. In order to provide such types of facilities and services to the internet users, Microsoft Corporation, U.S.A., has also launched its all new social networking site www.so.cl. This is a new social networking site which has been added in the list of social networking sites of the world.

For joining this new social networking site created by Microsoft, we don’t need to register for our new account. We can use our Facebook or Hotmail credentials and connect our accounts to So.Cl. Like other social networking sites, this site also has the features of status message sharing, picture sharing, video and music sharing etc.

But the unique feature of this site is that we can share the information that can be found in search engines in this site. It means that we can give information about what we searched for, to the people who are connected with us in So.Cl just by a single click. Since, search engines and social networks are the places where people spend their most times, Microsoft has launched this feature.

This peculiarity of So.Cl has encouraged ‘learning’ through social networking sites. Though Microsoft has released such kind of unique features in So.Cl, it is not felt that Microsoft will also be back to competition along with So.Cl. Microsoft says that it will not only give priority to its social networking site, but also will cooperate with other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

We give priority to search engines when we need to search about any topic and when we want to study about it. The information that we get from such search engines can easily be shared on So.Cl. This feature has assisted in working in group. Since, multimedia is being used everywhere, social network is also being affected by multimedia.

By using the Video Parties feature in So.Cl, the users will be able to share their videos easily. So.Cl was publicized by the cooperation of Fuse Laboratory of Microsoft Research with Washington University, New York University and other different educational institutions.

In the beginning, So.Cl was opened for only limited number of users. The new users could be added only through the invites of the old users. But recently, it has been opened for everyone. It can be used by anyone now. Likewise, users will not have to remember their passwords for So.Cl since they can use their Facebook or Hotmail credentials for logging in.

So.Cl is an experimental effort by Microsoft. It doesn’t have any business objectives but its main objective is to provide the facilities of search engine and social network simultaneously. In the present context, it won’t matter if we call social networks a part of search engines.

May 312012

A computer consists of different units such as Input Unit, Processing Unit, Output Unit etc. Among those units Storage Unit is also the one whose main function is to store data and information for future further use. There are some devices which lie under storage unit. One of those devices which lie under storage unit is Hard Disk.

When the floppies are kept one after another in a pile like structure with the help of a common spindle, all the disks move with the same speed when the spindle rotates. The cartridge is known as hard disk. For each floppy, two read and write headers are connected with the help of an arm. These arms are connected with the header actuator motors and the spindle is rotated with the help of a motor. Generally such types of floppies in a pack or disk pack contains six to eleven disks, called platters. Each platter has two surfaces so that it needs twenty two read and write heads. Each head is controlled by a circuit board. In case of exchangeable disks, the uppermost and the lowermost surfaces may come in contact with hand. Therefore, these two surfaces in such disks do not contain data. Hard disks are commonly used in all types of computers. Recent development in computer technology has facilitated computers with removable and portable hard disks which can easily removed from computers and easy transported from one place to another. These types of hard disks are generally known as external hard disks which are smaller in size but they have high data storage capacity.

Hard disk platters are constructed by metal called aluminium. These platters cannot bend or flex at all. In most drives, these platters cannot be removed. International Business Machine (IBM) calls these platters fixed disk drives for this reason. Hard disk contains the following major components which are listed below:

  1. Disk platters
  2. Read and write head
  3. Head actuator
  4. Spindle motor
  5. Logic board
  6. Configuration items
  7. Connector
  8. Bezel

In the computers of today’s time, hard disks have became an inseparable part because they are required to store data and information. Generally, people are using hard disks ranging from 80GBs to more than 7oo GBs. People are being more attracted to hard disks of high data storage capacity because they can store high amount of data easily into such types of hard disks. Hard disks are also the one which define the cost of a computer. The computers having hard disks of high storage capacity are more expensive than those which have less storage capacity. Scientists and computer experts are working very hard in order to produce hard disks having more and more data storage capacity. Some famous hard disk producers of modern era are International Business Machine (IBM), Samsung, Seagate, Sony, Phillips, Toshiba etc.