Aug 242012

Keyboards are the vital input devices through which the data and instructions are fed into the computer. It is a simple device that consists of many keys including alphanumeric keys, function keys etc. Generally a computer keyboard is full of dust particles and other materials because it cannot be cleaned easily. All the parts of a keyboard cannot be properly reached in order to make them free of

dust particles and germs. They cannot be washed either. If they are washed, they will surely get damaged due to their contact with water.

But now the new type of keyboards have been released in the market. They are the keyboards which don’t get damaged even if they are washed with water. Can you believe it? You will have to believe it because the days of such keyboards have started. Computer manufacturerkeyboards Logitech has created such a keyboard which can be immersed in water and cleaned without having any problem. You can even keep it under the tap. This keyboard is named as Logitech K-310 which weighs just 35 pounds. It consists of such pores which do not let the water to stay inside the keyboard and throw them immediately after water comes inside. Not only that much, this keyboards dries faster too. According to the company, this keyboard can be immersed upto the depth of 11 inches under water.

Sometimes even though we take much precautions while using keyboards, sometimes many stuffs like food and other liquids may get spilled over our keyboard which may make the keyboard unusable. It may also get full of dust when we don’t use it for a long time. It also contains huge amount of germs and bacterias. But the company assures that this thing won’t happen in case of Logitech K-310 keyboard.

Many researches have shown that the generally used keyboards are the ores of germs and bacterias. Reskeyboardsearches have shown that in a keyboard, there may be almost 3,215 bacterias per square inch and in a mouse, there may be about 1676 bacterias per square inch. Likewise, a telephone set is a device that consists of highest number of bacterias. In it, there may be more than 25000 bacterias per square inch. Such bacterias are found to be very much injurious to the health of the people. In order to start a campaign to save and aware the people about the dust, germs, bacterias and their effects on health, Logitech has introduced this washable keyboard.

Aug 232012

Kinship means, incestuous relationship (Had Nata). Kinship include all kith and kin that are very close to the concerned person. It includes his/her own sister or brother, her own son, sisters and brothers from the side of stepmother. It further includes grandmother, daughter-in-law, daughter etc. Some castes of Nepal arrange marriage among their own relatives.

In Jirel community, for an example, a man can marry his sister-in-law after the death of brother. The same custom is prevalent in Sunuwar, Danuwar and Chepang communities. The son of brother and the daughter of sister get priority in marriage among the Tamangs. Generally, marriage cannot be arranged within very close relations. The law has allowed for the arrangement of marriage among the blood relations if such a custom is prevalent in that community. There is no law and scientific base to prove that a certain relationship is blood relationship. The marriage arranged within bone kinship cannot be evaluated properly as there lacks proper law related to it.

The existing law about kinship helps to control population growth to some extent, as it does not allow arranging marriage with someone considered a kin. It delays the marriage as it consumes time to search suitable partner. It is necessary to get permission from protector if girl gets marriage before 18 years and boy gets marriage before 21 years. The marriage should not be arranged without the consent of both partners. If marriage is arranged without their consent, the arranger is punished and the marriage is voided. No male is legally allowed to arrange his marriage before he is 22 years old. It is very important for both sides to agree for marriage because it is the most important event of their life.

Supreme Court has made a strong decision that if the male has sexual intercourse without the consent of female, it is to be regarded as a criminal act and the culprit can be sent to jail for having committed rape. This decision became effective since 19th Baishakh 2059 B.S. The Supreme Court also issued an order to the effect that if someone has sexual intercourse with widow, a maiden or the wife of somebody, without his or her consent, he is imprisoned with the charge of rape. No one can have sexual relationship with the girl less than 16 years of age no matter whether she permits or not. This law brought a hidden fact into light that even husbands rape their wives and such husbands are punishable by law. The existing law has discrimination between the so called good and bad women. If sexual intercourse is made with a sex worker, he should pay only 500 as a fine. But this system has been modified and made a law that such persons are also punished as others may commit adultery.