Sep 152012

Cyber criminals or computer hackers have started a new war against all the computer producers of the world. They have became successful to infect computers that are just being created. They are infecting the new computers with their new virus. This fact came into light when many computer users found viruses in their brand new computers which were just bought. This was proved by the investigation which was done by Microsoft Corporation of United States of America. It is even found that this virus is very much dangerous than the old viruses that can be found in old computers. With the help of this virus, the hackers have been able to hack all the personal data and information of the computer users. By this personal data and information, the hackers have even became successful to steal all the money from the users’ personal bank accounts.

According to Microsoft Corporation, by the improper use of the unsecured supply chains, the hackers have became successful to attack the new computers. Microsoft’s Digital Crime Investigators ensured about that computer virus after they found viruses in brand new computers that were imported from China. Among those computers, ten were laptops and ten were desktops. Microsoft Corporation says that they found malicious programs in those computers as a part of pirated Windows software. It is found that after switching on the infected computer, it gets connected to a ‘botnet’ which is a network of infected computers of the whole world. This network is c0ntrolled by a cyber criminal called Nitol. After knowing this, the American Court has given special rights to Microsoft Corporation to fight against this problem.

Sep 142012

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook

After waiting for very long time, American gadget producer Apple has released its brand new version of iPhone, i.e. iPhone 5 in the market. Despite of the difficult challenges from Samsung, Apple at last launched its iPhone 5 with bigger screen size, slim and sleek design, powerful processor and extra applications. In the programme conducted in San Francisco, United States of America, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apple, Timothy D. ‘Tim’ Cook publicized this new smartphone of Apple. It is said that the new iPhone will arrive in the market from  September 21st, 2012 A.D.

Features and Facilities in iPhone 5

The size of iPhone 4s was just 4.5 inches but the size of the new iPhone 5 has been increased to 4.87 inches, which is almost equal to 5 inches. The display size of the screen has been increased to 1336×640 pixels from 960×640 pixels. In iPhone 5, we can get an A6 processor which is two times powerful than the A5 processor in iPhone 4s. Though other parameters in iPhone 5 have been increased, the weight of this phone has been decreased

to some extent. The weight of iPhone 5 is just 112 grams whereas the weight of its older version, iPhone 4s is 140 grams. IPhone 4s has just 5 megapixel camera, but we can get an 8 megapixel camera in the new iPhone 5. Not only that much, the iPhone 5 can easily capture panaroma view images which are of 28 megapixels.

While talking about the price of iPhone 5, we can say that iPhone 5 has arrived in the market with an aggressive price. It means that this new iPhone is going to cost much more than its old versions. The price of iPhone 5 with a 16 GB internal storage is 199 US Dollars and that with a 32 GB internal storage is 299 US Dollars. Likewise the iPhone 5 with a 64 GB internal storage is 399 US Dollars. This price is applicable to those customers who will sign a two-years service contract agreement with the network providers like Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. However in the unlocked form, this phone is going to cost much more. The prices of an unlocked iPhone with 16 GB internal storage, 32 GB internal storage and 64 GB internal storage are 699 US Dollars, 799 US Dollars and 899 US Dollars respectively.

Some photographs and images of iPhone 5 are given below:

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