Oct 062012

Today, the world has became so much advanced that people can easily connect and communicate with each other in a virtual world which is known as social networking site. These social networking sites help in the communication between the people by the use of internet which is a global network of computers.

Facebook is one of the social networking sites which are helping the people in communication. It has redefined the meaning of internet and communication through its services. It has brought a new revolution in the field of information technology. Due to these all factors, it has became successful to make many people of the world engaged in it. It has about one hundred million users now. Started in 2004 A.D., it has became so much useful for the people that it has got such success in such a short time of eight years. Facebook’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mark Zuckerberg has thanked all the users through his status message for being engaged in this site and making it kiss the apex of success. He has also stated that Facebook will always be reliable and it will always help the people in best possible manner. Along with this, he has also stated his great issue towards the misuse of Facebook for hacking, crime etc. Let us not forget that in Facebook, altogether two billion and one hundred ninety million photos and pictures have been uploaded till date whereas there are altogether one trillion and one hundred thirteen million likes done by the people in Facebook.

Oct 052012

Google is one of the leading companies in the field of internet. It has became very much popular as well as liked by the internet users of the world because of the useful and efficient services it has been giving to the internet users from more than a decade. It was started as a search engine but now it has transformed into a global company which provides such kind of facilities which are generally important for internet users of today’s world. It is also known as the emperor of internet world because of its continuous efforts for providing better services from past fourteen years. It has not only provided internet users the facility of quick and efficient web search but also it has given mailbox facilities through Gmail, online video streaming facilities through YouTube, social networking and chatting facilities through Google Plus and GTalk, online earning and blogging facilities through Google Adsense and Blogger and marketing services through Google Adwords.

We have dedicated this post for Google, which has been serving the people since more than a decade. In this post, we have collected some information and facts about Google which will definitely help our visitors to know more about this great organization dedicated to internet field. Some facts and information about Google are given below:

  • Google was created as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the year 1996 A.D. at Stanford College of the United States of America. It was officially registered as a company on 4th September, 1998 A.D.
  • Currently Google has about thirty thousand staffs.
  • Today about three hundred million people all over the world use Google and Yahoo search engines.
  • About 55% of the total sales are carried out just by search works.
  • 90% traffic in the internet comes through search engines.
  • It is found that 74.4% of the total searches in the internet are done through Google Search Engine.
  • The domain google.com was registered on 15th September, 1997 A.D.