The Accident: A Story based on Real Incident

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Jan 102013

Most of us are already well known about the accident that had taken place in Suryamadhi, Bhaktapur, Nepal on 6th January, 2013 A.D. A small mistake costed the lives of three innocent people. The whole house, properties and three people of same family were destroyed due to fire. Only the father and the smallest daughter of the family could survive this devastating incident.

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Purna Bahadur Prajapati and his daughter Srijana receiving donations

While talking about the article given below, this is the article written by a student studying in class 11 at Khwopa Higher Secondary School, Dekocha, Bhaktapur, Nepal. His name is Aashish Prajapati. He has written this article as a story making the poor father and victim of this accident, Purna Bahadur Prajapati the narrator of this story. He was successful to survive this situation along with his smallest daughter Srijana Prajapati. He lost his two daughters, Parvati Prajapati and Sajana Prajapati and his wife Laxmi Keshari Prajapati in this accident.


We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to Mrs. Laxmi Keshari Prajapati, Ms. Parvati Prajapati and Ms. Sajana Prajapati who lost their lives in this incident. We would also like to pray to god to give them a place in the heaven. We would also like to express our grief to the bereaved family and wish for their better future. For now, let’s move towards this serious and tragedic story based on that accident.

I am of seventy eight years now and I haven’t had so many incidents in my life that I can remember. But some days ago, an accident happened which shook my life and which will trouble me for all those years that I will be living.

It was late midnight when me and my wife, Laxmi Keshari Prajapati returned home from a feast of our traditional Newari festival Yomari Punhi. It was cold so I lit fire in our traditional vessel Makal. As it was late night I left it and went to sleep just next to it so as to feel the  warmth. I was in a deep sleep but a great warmth opened my eyes. My blanket was on fire. Somehow it had touched the fire in the Makal and it began to burn. I woke up urgently and shook my wife awake. She was shocked and we went down, got one of our daughters, Srijana and

The condition of their house after the accident

The condition of their house after the accident

came out of the house and began to cry for help. Just then, we remembered that our two daughters, Parvati and Sajana were on the top floor and couldn’t come down just because of fire. It had covered everything, the stairs, our properties etc. The girls were at the window but couldn’t come down.

Then my wife immediately went inside the house again. Despite everyone’s forbidding she went inside again. This was the point when I knew the true love of a mother for her children. I began to shout and cry but she went. That was the last time I saw her. Then a fire truck came and began to throw water at our house. Soon the whole neighbourhood came on the road. Our neighbours’ houses also began to catch fire but two fire trucks came and lit the fires off. After trying for three hours, the fire was controlled but the destruction of my home and family couldn’t be controlled. Soon the firemen found the burnt corpses of my wife and my two daughters. I couldn’t control myself. They were in a dreadful condition. I cried, “Hey Lord! What happened to my family?”

Today, I look at the mirror and see my half burnt face. I remember the past, and realize that how fast my life changed into living hell from a wonderful paradise. I am crying not for me but for my daughters and my wife whom I never saw again. This incident was a narrow escape for me, but it became a life costing incident for my daughters and my lovely wife.

Written by: Aashish Prajapati
Edited by: Sagun Raj Lage (Administrator)