Jan 152013

After the release of Apple’s IPhone in the market, a new revolution took place. Due to its new, innovative and attractive features, it became successful to become too much popular and liked by the people from all over the world. Due to this, it got encouraged to create and launch new versions of IPhone. As a result of this encouragement, Apple has successfully launched IPhone 5 till today.iPhone 5 (White)

Apple’s IPhone 5 was launched recently with all new and attractive features. It also contained new appearance. Because of these reasons, many people got it immediately. But these days, it is found that the demand of IPhone 5 is decreasing in the market. So, Apple has reduced the orders for the foreign companies which produce LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Panel for IPhone 5. Apple has requested the Japanese display producers like Sharp and Japan Display to reduce the production of the panels. Likewise, it has also requested South Korean company LG Display to decrease the rate of production of display panels for IPhone 5. In the last quarter of the year, Apple had placed the orders of production of about six million LCD Panels but due to the reduction in demands, it has became a compulsion for Apple to reduce the number of orders.

After getting the request to reduce the number of orders from Apple, Japanese producer, Japan Display has decided to decrease the production of LCD Panels of IPhone 5 by 70 to 80%. Similarly, Sharp is also planning to decrease the amount of production within January and February. It has decided to reduce the production by 40% of the total production of October and December.

In spite of these reasons, American gadget producer, Apple hasn’t provided any clear explanations about the reduction in the demand of IPhone. Likewise, it has also not made any official announcements which show that it has requested the LCD Panel producers to decrease the rate of production.