Jan 192013

As we already know, search engines are such kinds of websites which help us to search any type of letter, word, phrase, document or file in the internet in a short time. These days, people are using search engines rapidly so as to save their time. Some examples of search engines are Google Search Engine (owned by Google Inc., U.S.A.), Bing (owned by Microsoft Corporation, U.S.A.), Yahoo! Search Engine (owned by

facebook Yahoo! Inc., U.S.A.) etc. They are very much popular due to their quick, reliable and efficient services.
Recently, famous social networking site, Facebook has started its initiatives to establish its own search engine. The name of the search engine of Facebook is kept as ‘Graph Search’. With the help of this search engine, the Facebook users will be able to search different materials like photos, videos etc. which are shared in Facebook. Not only that much, this search engine will not only help the users to search words, but also phrases and quotes.

While announcing Facebook’s own search engine feature, Facebook’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O), Mark Zuckerberg said that Graph Search was not a web search engine which would challenge the most popular search engine of current time, Google.

But Graph Search will take help from Microsoft’s Bing search engine in order to find the materials which cannot be found by Graph Search. Due to this relationship of Graph Search with Bing, many people have taken this relationship as a direct challenge against Google. In spite of these types of thoughts of the people, Zuckerberg has hoped that Facebook users would use Graph Search only for searching the Facebook related materials rather than other internet related terms and materials.

Facebook, which has became successful to establish itself as the greatest social networking site of the world, contains huge amount of materials. These materials which have been posted, shared and connected by the site itself  have been defined  by Facebook as ‘Social Graph’. Zuckerberg also stated that in order to make the reach of the users to those materials or Social Graph reliable and easy, Facebook had introduced Graph Search. But critics have criticized about Graph Search by taking it as an incomplete as well as ineffective feature brought out by Facebook. So Zuckerberg has replied to this criticism by saying that there were many things that were left to do in Graph Search’s beta version and Facebook would soon make improvements in that. Currently, only limited numbers of users from United States of America are allowed to use and experience the Beta version of Graph Search. You can know more about Graph Search by clicking here.