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Davis Falls: Educate Sansar

davis falls

Nepal is a country which is known for its natural beauty. It is full of beautiful and wonderful places. Pokhara is one of them. Pokhara contains a lot of things that enhances the beauty of our country, Nepal. Such things have attracted thousands of tourists every year. There are lakes, caves, waterfalls, rivers, snow caped beautiful mountains and so on.

Davis Falls is also a major tourists attraction spot in Pokhara. If there is anything that Pokhara is famous for, then that would have to be Davis Falls. Pokhara is incomplete without Davis Falls. No tourist attraction would be complete without the obligatory souvenir stalls and Davis Falls has that in copious amount. It is the famous waterfall of Pokhara with some melodramatic story behind it. It is also known as Patale Chhango.

The water from this falls comes from the famous lake called Fewa or (Phewa Lake) where a temple called Tal Barahi is located flowing in the Seti river which follows a sequence of rocks running time down the waterfall and disappear. It is located about 2 km. south – west of Pokhara valley on the highway to Tansen. It lies near the airport of Pokhara. It can be traced around 2 km south of the spot where the lake Phewa drains into the Pardi Khola. The way to Davis falls starts from its iron gates into the premises. The entrance is crowded with tables which are full of gemstones, necklaces and traditional carved figurines which is of affordable price. One can do shopping for him / her there. There is also a wish pool in Davis falls. It is said that if we drop a coin in that wish pool, our wish will come true. Davis falls is nearby that wish pool.
The water comes into high velocity and passed through a sink hole and then vanishes. There is a nearby cave known as Gupteshwor cave across the street which is one of the wonderful and largest caves in South Asia believed to be 5000 years old. Water of Davis Falls which vanishes after passing through a hole can be seen in Gupteshwor cave. Then, the water vanishes into the earth. Nobody knows where it goes. This sounds incredible. Davis Falls re – emerges after approximately 200 meters from the sink hole.davis falls educatesansar

Davis Falls is recognized by different names such as Devis Fall, David Falls, Niagara Falls of Nepal and Devin Davis. There are different names but the view remains the same. It is known for its beauty, tranquility and different tales which give a touch of mystery and adventure to this sight.

There are different stories of different people about why the name of Patale Chhango ( Hell’s Fall ) was kept different names. The origin of the name of the falls can be traced back to an unfortunate incident. There are some legends about the people drowning in the fall. According to some people, on 31st July 1961 AD, in the afternoon, a Swiss lady, Mrs. Davis who was taking bath with her husband beside it was swept away by sudden flood from Phewa Lake. She was flowed and dead whose body never seen again. From that day, it has been taken its name “Devi’s Falls”. Similarly, according to some other people, A trekker (Devin, Davis) was washed away by the Pardi Khola mysteriously and disappeared beneath the fall.

The more interesting story is about a lover Mr. David. He committed suicide in the Davis Falls by jumping down into a underground passage beneath the fall. Most of the Pokharelis or the people of Pokhara believe in this tale and for us also it is not uncommon to hear. In this way, Davis Falls began to be recognized by different names. This rather long winded story about its names should not detract from the actual thing however as the behold.

Monsoon season is the best time to see the spectacular view of the Davis Falls. When it is summer season and there is high rainfall, water flows with high velocity over through the gorge which gives an impressive spectacle to the visitors but in January, it becomes nothing more than a stream because of the mass decrease in the water volume. Due to the water flowing in great speed, there is the formation of interesting rocks. One of the greatest breathe taking views of Davis Falls is Chorrepatan.

There is also a cave in Chorrepatan just two minutes walk away from this fall.

Davis Falls is an awesome and mind blowing waterfall. Its spectacular views give us pleasure and refresh our mind. Davis Falls remains one of the most visited Tourist destination in Nepal.

– Neha Nayabha

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