Apr 172013

United Nations General Assembly formed a World Commission on Environment and Development under the chairmanship of Norwegian Prime Minister Grow Harlem Brundtland to suggest the world on Environment and Development in 1983. The commission is called “Brundtland Commission”. The Commission published a report on Our Common Future including the concept of sustainable development in 1987. According to this commission, “Sustainable development is a process in which exploitation of resources is done to meet the needs of present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Sustainable development is also called durable development or bearable development. Similarly, sustainable development should be described with the aim of using present existing resources without degrading the actual income of the future. If we use the resources for cheap income in present, we will lose the future income.

Therefore, the main aim of sustainable development is to balance among population, various resources, various aspects of environment and development. Various resources and means should be conserved and appropriately utilized. It helps to make the concept of sustainable development practicable. People overcultivate the limited land to increase the yielding. Overgrazing causes desertification of grassland. Overuse of chemical fertilizers and insecticides reduce the fertility of land. Mineral oil, mineral matters, natural gases and other non-renewable resources will be emptied when they are overconsumed. Such process causes various problems. It not only adversely affects the present generation but also the future generation. Therefore, sustainable development can be taken as the mode of conducting developmental activities curbing such problems. Appropriate use of agricultural area, conservation and promotion of natural resources, availability of water, lesser use of chemical fertilizer and insecticides etc. are some examples of sustainable development. Similarly, sustainable development also emphasizes the use of less-polluting machine, less-consuming natural resources.
We should take economic benefit from natural resources by using them properly with the implementation of the principle of sustainable development. It helps to uplift the present generation. We should not only take economic benefit but also conserve them. Some natural resources without direct economic benefit should also be conserved. We should not deteriorate the qualitative as well as quantitative aspect of them. We should not deteriorate the future possible works with the present activities. Such effort supports the sustainable development and environmental conservation.