May 242013

Sustainable development is necessary for the maintenance of the environment. The purpose of development work is people’s welfare. The target of development work is never achieved effectively if the adverse effects that are produced while carrying on the work, are ignored. The efforts of development are unsuccessful. The importance of sustainable development are described below:

  • Appropriate use of resource: Sustainable development teaches people to make less use of means and resources. The use of mineral oil, drinking water, insecticide, chemical fertilizers, and forest products should be minimized. There is should be no waste of the resources. This will lead to the minimum use of means and resources for maximum benefit. The means and resources should not be wasted. They help to conserve and promote the environment.
  • Sense of Responsibility: Sustainable development brings about changes in people’s knowledge, skill and attitude. It awakens the responsibility to use and preserve the natural resources like mine, forest, land, sea-fish, herb etc. It creates the feeling that natural resources are the common property of all and nobody can use the property according to his personal will. It helps to conserve natural and social environment.
  • Development of Basic Infrastructures: Sustainable development gives importance to the progress of health, education, agriculture, tourism and social reform for the development of human beings. While making progress in these aspects, environmental conservation and promotion should be conducted ahead in an integrated way.
  • Development based on Public Participation: People’s participation is to be given priority in development work in order to achieve the aim of sustainable development. It creates the interest of local people in development work and environment conservation. In this way, sustainable development increases the participation of people of all levels in environment protection and promotion.
  • Determination of the Limit of Development: Limited but effective means and resources are enough for the people to satisfy their basic needs; however, they do more development works due to greed. Limited and non-renewable means and resources go on decreasing in the world due to exceeding utilization. Development works should be done as far as the earth can bear. Sustainable development awares the people involved in the policy-making about the concept of limit of development.
  • Long-term Vision: Sustainable development has presented the goal of economic and social development without destroying the earth’s means and resources. It attempts to create the concept of maintaining the present work for future and conserving the natural resources for the future generation. In fact, sustainable development helps to think of protracted development and makes contributions to environment conservation.