May 272013

Russian Antivirus producer, Kaspersky has launched its Mobile Security and Tablet Security in Nepalese market. Sagar Software and Traders, the official dealer of Kaspersky antivirus in Nepal, has started the sales of Kaspersky Mobile Security and Kaspersky Tablet Security. The dealer has decided to provide the customers a discount of 30%. Kaspersky has stated that Kaspersky Security will be able to track and find lost gadgets and even protect the files from being stolen or hacked.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky Mobile Security is designed for smartphones with platforms like Android, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian. The high-standard features of this software can even examine the suspicious links contained in SMS and Email messages.

Features of Kaspersky Mobile Security

  • Smartphone Anti-Theft with Alarm: This feature will help users to track and find your lost or stolen smartphones.
  • Email/SMS message checker: This feature will examine the suspicious links contained in Emails and SMS messages. It will also save the data and information of the users from Cyber Criminals.
  • 10X faster speed: The new Kaspersky Mobile Security is ten times faster than its older versions.
  • Availability of Free and Paid Versions: The Core Security Service of Kaspersky Mobile Security is available free of cost in the Internet and Premium Version (Total Security System) is available in paid version.
  • By using this Mobile Security, the users can get full antivirus protection, cyber crime protection, remote web management with anti-theft, protection of personal data and filter and black list feature for phone calls.


Kaspersky Tablet Security

Kaspersky Tablet Security is an Android based security software designed for tablet PCs. This software can scan tablet devices in a great speed and can help in tracking lost or stolen tablet devices through special alarm feature. This software will help users to get rid of cyber threats, phishing sites, unability of tracking the device after losing etc.

Features of Kaspersky Tablet Security

  • Antivirus Protection: Kaspersky Tablet Security is a reliable antivirus system. This system is based on Proactive and Cloud Technologies which can easily detect new virus threats, remove them and save the data and information.
  • Internet Security: Kaspersky Tablet Security scans the fatal software and phishing links that are found in the Internet and preserves the device from cyber criminals.
  • Anti-Theft Protection and Web Management: The anti-theft module in this software can be combined with the GPS module of the device so as to track and find the lost devices. Likewise, the alarm feature (which should be activated before the loss of device) also helps in finding the lost device by creating a loud alarm. If the device cannot still be detected, the users will be able to use the Remote Web Management module through which they can erase their personal data and information in the device. Not only that much, they can even make the device totally unusable. For using the anti-theft module of Kaspersky Tablet Security, the users will have to register themselves that the official web portal of Kaspersky Labs.