Jun 072013

It is absolutely necessary to apply the principles of sustainable development to different developmental activities. Natural resources and other means are less used for temporary development works. Such regular activities spoil the environment. Growth of inequality in the society brings about inequality in the economic and social status. It causes the increase of poverty.

Development and environment are interrelated. Environment conservation should not be ignored while conducting development and construction work. The World Development Report says, “The development will be poor without the conservation of the environment and without the development there will be security of the resources for the investment and in turn the conservation of the environment will be a failure.”

Development has some working sectors such as agriculture, industry, energy, forest, fish-farming, transport, tourism and construction of infrastructures etc. Principles of sustainable development should be applied while conducting these works. When a development work is conducted, the following concepts of sustainable development should be taken in the integrated way:

  • Development and construction work should be accompanied by the respect of nature and its maintenance programmes.
  • Development activities should contain the sentiment of reforming human life. This goal can be achieved if the development works include balanced food, clean drinking water, health service, security etc. The principles of sustainable development can be well-implemented if basic needs are fulfilled.
  • Development works should be conducted along with a view to conserve the various animals and their diversity.
  • Some resources like animals and vegetation can be increased, but the amount of metallic minerals and petroleum cannot be increased. So, these non-renewable resources should be used as little as possible. They should be conserved.
  • Cultivable land, clean drinking water, residential area etc. are limited on the earth. So development work should be conducted keeping in mind the carrying capacity of the earth. Atom bombs, arms and weapons, insecticides etc. harm the physical, biological structure and ecosystem of the earth. Manufacturing and use of destructive things which endanger human society and environment, should be universally prohibited.