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SLC Model Question Set 1 (Science)

Full Marks: 75
Pass Marks: 24


1. (a) State Newton’s law of Gravitation. Calculate the force with which the Moon pulls every kilogram of water in our rivers given that the Moon is 3 × 105  km away from Nepal and the mass of the Moon is 7 × 1022 kg.

(b) Define acceleration due to gravity ‘g’. Explain why the value of ‘g’ is less at the top of Mount Everest than at its bottom.

 2. (a) Explain why we might face energy crisis in a very near future. Suggest any two alternative ways to prevent the energy crisis in Nepal.

(b) According to the law of floatation, when does a piece of wood float on water? If a piece of wood having a total volume of 1.6 m3 and density of 800 gm-3 floats on water of density 1000 kgm-3, calculate what part (fraction) of the wood is in water.

 3. (a) Write two differences between heat and temperature. Calculate the amount of heat energy required, if a person wants to increase the temperature of 20 kg of water from 16oC to 40oC to have a warm bath.

(b) How does a telescope differ with a microscope? How do concave lens spectacles correct the short sightedness?

 4. (a) Write three reasons for using an electromagnet profusely.

(b) The primary winding of a stepdown transformer has 770 turns and it is supplied with 6A, 220V mains. The secondary winding produces 110V. Calculate the number of turns in the secondary winding. Also, calculate the amount of electrical energy consumed (in kWh) by the primary winding of the transformer in 1 day.


 1. (a) (i)

























 Identify the groups of the highly reactive metals, the highly reactive non-metals and metalloids in the given table.

(ii) All the bases are not alkali, while all the alkalis are base. How?

(b) (i) What is dry ice? Sketch a neat and labeled diagram of the apparatus set for the preparation of that gas in laboratory, which forms alkali by dissolving in water.

(ii) Draw molecular structure of glycerene and diethyl ether.

 2. (a) Which metal is obtained from Bauxite ore? Write correct word equation and the balanced formulae equation of the chemical reaction between dilute hydrochloric acid and that metal. What type of chemical reaction is it? Give reason.

(b) What is chemical pollution? Write any three different ways to reduce the chemical pollution. Mention any two negative effects caused by the excessive use of chemical fertilizer.


 1. (a) Give one main reason for regarding Pteridophytes more developed than Thallophytes. Write two differences between the Pteridophyte and the Bryophyte giving an example of each.science_model_question

(b) What are the two main characteristics of virus? Name the virus transmitted through the unsafe sexual contact. Sketch a neat and labeled diagram of central nervous system.

 2. (a) In the given diagram, what type of cell division and what stage of it have been shown? Write any two changes that occur in this particular stage of cell division and also mention its one importance.

(b) A new rose plant is grown by planting a piece of its stem in the soil. What type of asexual reproduction is it? Give three reasons why such type of reproduction is more beneficial. What do you mean by alternation of generation in life cycle of a fern plant?

 3. (a) How does a human heart work? Explain in short. Draw a chart to show the result in the first and second filial generations of offspring of black father (BB) and white mother (bb).

(b) Define biogeochemicals. How is nitrogen balanced in the nature? Explain with illustration.

Geology and Astronomy

 1. (a) Why were living beings evolved after millions of years of the formation of the earth? Write any two effects of the increasing quantity of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere. Give its reason too.

(b) On the basis of the shape, galaxies may be classified into three groups. Mention their names. Why do some stars look much brighter in a clear at night sky? The tail of a comet seems longer when it is near to sun while its tail seems shorter when it goes far. Give its reason.

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