Jun 182013

Shorts are used as a part of our casual wear, especially during summer season. They help us to make ourselves feel cozy and relaxed. Since, this is the age of development of information technology, a new achievement has been gained in this vast field. And here, we are going to discuss about that new achievement.

Now, this may sound little bit crazy and most of the readers may not believe to this fact. The fact is that now we can charge our mobile phones with the help of shorts. As we said, this seems to be unbelievable, but this is reality. Scientists have not only developed shorts, but also sleeping bags which can provide your phones electric charge at the time of necessity.Power-Shorts

These shorts and sleeping bags easily absorb the energy which is generated when one wears or sleeps in them respectively. This generated energy is then converted into electrical energy by the shorts and sleeping bags and hence you can get your phone charged.

This technology has been developed by mobile phone company Vodafone by cooperating with Southampton University. Experiments and tests show that one can charge his/her mobile phone for about 4 hours if he/she puts on those shorts for a whole day. Similarly, one can get his/her mobile phone charged for about 11 hours if he/she sleeps in that sleeping bag. Since this technology is on test, this is not available in the market yet.