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Colo-rectal cancer is a malignant neoplasm that affects the layer, lower portion of the intestinal tract. Also called colon cancer or bowel cancer, includes cancerous growth in the colon, rectum and appendix. It is the third most common form of cancer and the second leading cause of cancer related death in the western countries.

2/3 of Colo-rectal cancer occurs in the colon, sigmoid colon.

1/3 of Colo-rectal cancer occur in the rectum or at the recto sigmoid colon (junction)

  • Colo-rectal cancer has recently declined among white person in the US.
  • 50% higher, arising among African, Americans.
  • Hispanics – one half the mortality rate of non-Hispanic white persons.

Risk Factor:

  • Age after 50 years.
  • Family history of Colo-rectal cancer.
  • Chronic inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Benign polyp, edematous polyps.
  • Physical inactivity.
  • A diet high in fat.
  • Energy intake greater than requirement.
  • Low vegetable fiber intake.
  • High content of refined carbohydrate.
  • Smoking (40%)
  • High intake of red meat, low selenium.
  • Decreased intake of protective micro nutrients.
  • Physical inactivity, virus (Human Papilloma Virus).

Note: Diet likely contributes to risk in these sporadic cancers, although causality is not proved; above diets may promote mucosal exposure to bile acids and bacterial degradative by products.

Genes, some genes that signal a hereditary predisposition to colon cancer have been identified. For e.g. mutation in either of 2 genes MSHZ and MLHI can predispose a person to HHPCC.

Alcohol intake (heavy alcohol) use may also increase the risk of Colo-rectal cancer (NCI). One study found that “people, who drink more than 30 grams of alcohol per day and especially those who drink more than 4.5 gm per day, appear to have slightly higher risk of Colo-rectal cancer.

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Aug 232013


Yahoo! is one of the famous companies which have been providing various vital services to the internet users all over the world. Being launched in March 1994, it is very popular due to the wide variety of services it provides. Yahoo! Mail is also the oldest and popular feature which has made Yahoo! a useful site to visit in the internet.

Recently, Yahoo!, which is also known as the Internet Giant has stopped its mailbox services in China. Since China is considered as the world’s largest internet market, many people have become astonished by this decision of Yahoo!. However, Yahoo! has clarified that it has stopped Yahoo! Mail in China with the view to support its Chinese partner and online shopping service Alibaba. Yahoo! has also suggested its users to shift their Yahoo! Mail accounts to Alibaba’s AliMail. The users who want to shift their email accounts can receive the emails sent to their Yahoo! Mail accounts till December 31 of 2014 A.D.

Alibaba had rebought its 16% share with Yahoo! in 7 billion and 600 million dollars. Even today, Yahoo! has the share of about 24% share on Alibaba. Till 2005, Yahoo! had bought 40% of the total shares of Alibaba. And Alibaba is planning to go to share market within the next two years. Although Yahoo! has clarified that it has stopped its mailbox services in China so as to support its partners in China, experts and critics have guessed that Yahoo! was forced to do so due to the unpopularity of Yahoo! in China. They have also guessed that the leakage of personal data of some users might also be the reason behind the stopping of Yahoo! Mail in China. Sometime ago, Yahoo! was accused of providing the personal data of some users to the Chinese Government which had led to the arresting of many politicians.