Oct 052013

These days, due to the rapid development in the field of Information Technology (IT), people have become very advanced. With the use of Internet and computers, the whole world has been compressed into the small screen of computers. People can easily search and get details about their desired topic just by a single click on their mice. On one hand, this has helped in the increment of the limit of the knowledge of human beings.

But on the other hand, this has brought different types of negative effects and risks.

Internet is rapidly affecting the memory power of human beings. It is due to the presence and use of internet that people are even forgetting the googledifferent important and revolutionary incidents of the world history. They are not being able to save them in their minds. Experts have accused Google for this kind of effect.

According to a research carried out in United Kingdom (U.K.), the memory power of human beings has diminished due to their dependency on Google search. They assume that searching in Google is a better idea than keeping the information in mind. In the survey held among two thousand people, less than 50% of the people could tell the correct date of United Kingdom’s popular Ex-Princess, Diana’s death. This survey gave the conclusion that people couldn’t even remember the year 1997 (the year of Ex-Princess Diana’s death), which isn’t very much old date.

People even couldn’t answer the correct date of the terrorist attack which had occurred at United States of America’s World Trade Centre. The people couldn’t give the answer when the question about the falling down of Berlin’s bridge was asked. Most of the people said that such type of dates could be easily searched in the Internet, so they didn’t want to waste their time mugging those dates up.

Researches say that the Internet dependent generation of today’s age have slowly began to forget all the important dates and events of the world history. Their memory power has been decreased. They also say that along with the development in Internet, the trend of mugging up information by the students has also changed rapidly.