SLC Model Question Set 2 (Science)

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Dec 302013

SLC Model Question Set 2 (Science)

Full Marks: 75
Pass Marks: 24


1. a. What is meant by weightlessness? Why does the moon not move farther from the earth although it is moving around the earth? What will be the weight of 5 kg of rock on the surface of Jupiter, if the mass and radius of the Jupiter are 1.9×1027 kg and 7.1×107 m respectively? 1+1+2=4
b. What is the source of solar energy? What amount of average solar energy does the earth surface receive per square meter? Write any two causes of energy crisis. Write any two ways which reduces the energy crisis in Nepal. 1+0.5+1+1=3.5

2. a. State Pascal’s law. An iron ball sinks in the water but a ship made up of iron floats on water, why? What will be the pressure of the mercury column on bottom, if the height of mercury column is 70cm, density of mercury is 13.6g/cm3 and acceleration due to gravity is 10m/s2? 1+1+2=4
b. Define hydrometer. On which factors up thrust force depend on? A person can lift a very heavy stone immersed in water easily as compared to air, why? 1+1.5+1=3.5

3. a. What is anomalous expansion of water? What does it mean by the specific heat capacity of a substance is 140J/kg0C? What amount of heat is required to raise the temperature of 2 litre of water up to 200C? Calculate. 1+1+2=4lens_1
b. Write any two differences between lens of eye and lens of camera. Draw neat and labeled diagram showing the correction of the given defect. 2+1.5=3.5

4. a. What is short circuit? Write any two differences between AC and DC. 10 electric bulbs of 100w each are used for 6hrs and 2 heaters of 2kw each are used for 4 hrs., calculate the consumption of electricity in one day. 1+1+2=4
b. What is motor effect? State Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction. The core of transformer is laminated, why? 1+1.5+1=3.5


5. a. Why potassium is more active than sodium? Atomic number of elements A and B are 8 and 12 respectively. Answer the following question on the basis of that: 1+1+1+1=4

  • Give electronic configuration of elements A and B on the basis of subshell.
  • State the blocks of periodic table in which these elements belong to.
  • Write down the molecular formula of compound formed by combination of above elements.

b. Draw labelled diagram to show laboratory preparation of ammonia gas. Write down structural formula of diethyl ether with one use. 2+1=3

6. a. Which metal is obtained from bauxite ore? Write down balanced chemical equation of reaction between above metal and dilute hydrochloric acid. NaHSO4 is acidic salt. Give reason. 0.5+2+1=3.5
b. What is Kaolin? Write any two differences between soap and detergent. Why nitrogen is necessary for plant? 1+2+1=4


7. a. Why virus is called obligatory parasites? Which blood cells number is less than average in a person suffering from anemia? Write the name of four valves of human heart. 1+0.5+2=3.5
b. Where is cerebrospinal fluid found? What is reflex action? What happens if there is lack of hormone produced by adrenal gland? Draw a labeled neuron and show axon and dendrites. 0.5+1+1+1.5=4

8. a. What is synapsis? In which stage of meiosis it can be seen? What is difference between metaphase of mitosis and metaphase of meiosis? The mitotic cell division is also called somatic cell division, why? 1+0.5+1+1=3.5fern
b. Which stage of life cycle of fern is shown in the diagram? Name the parts A, B and C. What is the function of part C? Write any two advantages that can be obtained from vegetative propagation by farmer. 0.5+1.5+0.5+1=4

9. a. What is mutation? According to the Mendel’s experiment, draw a chart to show the types of offspring produced in F1 and F2 generations after cross pollination between red flowered pea plant (XX) and white flowered pea plant (YY) and write the ratio of phenotype and genotype. 1+2+1=4
b. What is nitrogen fixation? Write a name of abiotic factor of ecosystem. Write the division or class of following organism with a characteristics in each:
i) Cycas                                                 ii) Bat

Geology and Astronomy

10. a. In which ear evolution of reptiles and human being occurred? Write down full form of CFC. How does CFC deplete ozone layer? Illustrate with chemical equations. 1+0.5+2=3.5
b. What is black hole? How does it form? Write any two differences between galaxy and constellation. 1+1.5+1.5=4

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