May 102013

Microsoft is one of the oldest and famous computer-related organizations, which is situated in United States of America. It has contributed a lot in the development of computers. It has not only helped in the development of computer hardware but also in the development of computer software. It has created many softwares useful for computers, including operating systems. The examples of operating systems created by Microsoft are DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc. Windows 8 is also an operating system recently launched by Microsoft. It was launched at the end of 2012 A.D.

But the comments of the users about Windows 8 were mixed. There were not only positive comments but also negative comments. This meant that the users are not fully satisfied with the latest operating system of MicroMicrosoft Windowssoft. So, for the satisfaction of the users Microsoft has decided to revise and improve Windows 8.

Microsoft has sold out more than hundred million licenses of Windows 8 till date. Now it is launching the improved version of Windows 8, i.e. Windows 8.1. The name of that version will be Windows Blue.

Windows Blue will be an update of Windows 8, which will be installed when Windows 8 will be updated. This update of Windows 8 will be released within the end of this year and it is said that this update will be useful in tablets and computers of new generation. It is said that Windows Blue will be a way to minimize the dissatisfaction of customers and users towards Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Experts say that Windows Blue is going to be launched so as to minimize the dissatisfaction of users towards Windows 8 and to minimize the use of old Windows XP and maximize the use of Windows 8.

Samsung Galaxy S4 in Nepal

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May 092013

The most awaited phone of South Korean gadget producer, Samsung has been released in Nepal before some days. Samsung Galaxy S4, one of the most advanced smartphones of the present era of Information Technology was launched in Nepal on 5th May, 2013 A.D. The price of this wonderful smartphone has been set as Rs. 71,900.

Samsung Galaxy S4 has many attractive as well as new features which can easily rule over the minds of the people. This smartphone can easily work with the gestures produced from eyes.

International Marketing Service (IMS), the official dealer of Samsung mobiles in Nepal, is the company which brought Samsung Galaxy S4 for the people of Nepal. It has started its sales from 6th May, 2013 A.D.

This smartphone is available with storage capacities of 64 GB, 32 GB and 16 GB. But in Nepal, only Samsung Galaxy S4 with 16 GB of storage capacity is available.

IMS_samsungInternational Marketing Service (IMS) has started booking of this smartphone before a week. For those who book this smartphone in short time, the company has decided to provide a flip cover worth Rs. 2000 for free. Likewise, the company has brought the facility of buying this smartphone in installment too. For the security of this expensive smartphone, the official dealer of Samsung mobiles in Nepal, International Marketing Services (IMS) has introduced the provision of insurance of this smartphone.

Similarly, with the cooperation with Ncell, Virgin Mobile has also started the sales of Samsung Galaxy S4 in Nepal. According to Virgin Mobile’s Managing Director, Vivek Sharma, the booking of Samsung Galaxy S4 was started from 5th May. Ncell will provide insurance facility as well as 1 GB data for free to the buyers.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung-galaxy-s4-i9500-1While talking about the specifications and features of Samsung Galaxy S4, there are many things in this phone to be talked about. With 5 inched Amoled touchscreen, this phone contains the screen resolution of 1080p. This smartphone contains Android 4.2.4 Jellybean as its operating system. This phone has the Random Access Memory (RAM) of 2 GB and is available with the internal storage capacities of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. At the rear side of this smartphone, an auto focus camera of capacity 13 megapixels is kept and at the front side of this smartphone, a camera with a capacity of  2 megapixels is kept.

With 1.9 GHz Quad-core processor, this smartphone consists of Power VR SGX 544 MP3 graphics processing unit. Through this smartphone we can enjoy Dual shot (shooting with both front and rear camera simultaneously), HD video quality, smile detection etc. Since this smartphone consists of a battery of 2600 mAh, this smartphone will provide a long battery backup.

S Health, an application in this smartphone will give information about the health related activities. So, we can say that this smartphone is concerned about the health of the users too. This smartphone consists of features of WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, Call Block Mode, Quick Response, S Translator etc. ‘Smart Stay’ and ‘Smart Pause’ features are the special features of Samsung Galaxy S4. With these special features, this smartphone can easily respond according to the movement of the eyes. Likewise, when we stop watching video in this phone and look somewhere else, the video which is being played in the phone automatically gets paused. It again resumes when we look towards the phone. Similarly, we can even scroll through this phone with the gesture of our eyes.

Although Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with amazing and awesome features, this smartphone is quite costly for the people with low income. The total sales of this smartphone will decide its success.