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SLC Model Question Set 3 (Science)

Full Marks: 75
Pass Marks: 24

Attempt all the questions:


1. a) What is gravity? We do not get hurt, when we jump with parachute, why? Find out the change in gravitational force between two bodies of fixed mass, when place at double distance. 1+1+2.5=4.5

b) What is fossil fuel? Why higher priority should be given to the production of hydroelectricity in the context of Nepal? Give two reasons.

2. a) Write any two differences between force and pressure. The pressure of liquid at the bottom of a tank is 9.8×105 pa, find the depth of the liquid. (The density of liquids is 1000kg/m3). 2+2=4

b) State Archimedes principle. At what condition a body floats on liquid? The bottom of a water vessel is made thick. Why?1+1+1.5=3.5

3. a) Define specific heat capacity.  The water pipes in very cold places are burst in winter, why? Calculate the amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of 2kg water by 100C? 1+1.5+2=4.5

b) Write a difference between compound microscope and telescope. What type of defect of vision showneyes in the given diagram? Draw the labeled diagram for the correction of such defect. 1+0.5+1.5=3

4. a) What is motor effect? Write the name of any two devices which are based on motor effect? What type of combination of cells is shown in the given diagram? What changes occur in the brightness of bulb if one cell is removed from the circuit? 1+1+0.5+1=3.5cell

b) What is fuse wire? Which alloy is used to make it? A transformer has 220V primary voltage and 2000 turns of primary coil. How many turns of secondary coil will be needed to produce 30V secondary voltage? 1+1+2=4


5. a) State Mendeleev’s period law. Why potassium is more reactive than sodium although they both belong to group (I)? Give the balanced chemical equation of reaction which occurs while keeping iron particles in the copper sulphate solution. What type of reaction is it? 1+1.5+1.5=4

b) Draw a neat and labeled diagram from the preparation of carbon dioxide gas in laboratory. Write the structural formula of glycerol. Which compound is formed if all ‘OH’ groups are replaced by ‘H’? 2+1+0.5=3.5

6. a) Define aquaregia. Aluminum is used to make parts of an aeroplane, give any two reasons. What type of sale is formed when strong acid reacts with weak base? Write a molecular formula of any such salt. 2+2+0.5+1=4.5

b) Why PVC is called a thermoplastic? How does it differ from Bakelite? Write the full form of DDT. 1+1+1=3


7. a) Give full form of AIDS and TMV. Write any one function of cerebrum. Nose and mouth should be covered with handkerchief while sneezing and coughing when somebody is suffering from common cold. Give reason. 2+1+1=4

b) In the given figure A and B, which blood vessel carries blood from lungs to the heart and which has high blood pressure?blood

Name the type of taxis of the following.

i)  Euglena moves towards the light.
ii) Mosquito moves away from anti mosquito mat.
iii) Earthworm goes inside the soil.

8. a) What is synapsis? In which stage of meiosis it can be seen? What is difference between cell plate and cleavasing. The mitosis cell division is also called somatic cell division. Why? 1.5+1+1=3.5

b) What is antherozoid? Write one difference between primary mycelium and secondary mycelium. Write any two advantages that can be obtained from vegetative propagation by farmer. 1+1+2=4

9. a) Write any one difference between nitrate and nitrite bacteria on the basis of their function. Draw neat and labeled diagram of aquatic pyramid of number of living beings. Why is bat kept in class mamalia? 1+1+2=4

b) Write two differences between dominant character and recessive character. What are indicated by the ATGC? 2+1=3

 Geology and Astronomy

10. a) In how many parts is the geological history of the earth divided on the basis of existence of the living beings? Why fossils are not found in igneous rock? How do the formation and destruction of ozone layer take place? Show by chemical reaction. 0.5+1+3=4.5

b) Why is the earth called a planet? ‘Some comets disappear forever’ give two reasons. 1+2=3

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