Jan 242014

SLC Model Question Set 1 (Optional Population Education)

Group ‘A’

Attempt any 16 questions from this group.                                    16×5=80
1. Family life education helps to solve family problems. Clarify the statement with the help of its objectives.
2. How can education help in gender equality? Explain.
3. What is malnutrition? Write the functions of each nutrient.
4. Write short notes:

  • Void marriage
  • Small family

5. What are the various social causes of population growth?
6. What steps should be launched to decrease population growth rate? Give your suggestions.
7. Write short notes on:

  • Micronutrient
  • Goitre

8. What is gender equity? What are the aspects to be taken into consideration for it?
9. What is marriage? Describe the various types of marriage according to cultural practices.
10. What is your view on the Supreme Court’s decision regarding marital rape? Can there really be marital rape?
11. What is the age limitation of boy and girl for marriage registration? What are the advantages of marriage at appropriate age?
12. Define migration? Explain the effects of migration.
13. What measures can be taken to control the migration?
14. Even the rich and employed people want to migrate in foreign country. Why?
15. Write the concept of gender? What are the gender roles?
16. What is immunization? What sorts of care should be provided to the newly born baby?
17. “AIDS is the collective name of all the symptoms of diseases.” Justify the statement.
18. What is family planning?  Write its importance.
19. How does the size of family affect birth?
20. What are natural methods of family planning? Describe any two.

Group ‘B’

 Attempt any two questions:                                                             2×10=20

  1. Clarify the meaning of women empowerment. What are the challenges and necessary steps to be taken for women empowerment?
  2. Define safe motherhood. Write the aspects to be emphasized for safe motherhood.
  3. What is anemia? What are the causes, symptoms and safety measures of anemia?

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