Feb 112014

Environment Science (Optional First)

Group ‘A’

Answer any 18 questions from this group. 18×4=72

Physical Aspect

Answer any 7 questions from this sub-group.

1. What is greenhouse effect? Mention names and sources of nay three greenhouse gases. 1+3

2. Mention two effects of greenhouse gases and also their two controlling measures. 2+2

3. Mention two measures practiced worldwide in controlling greenhouse effect. 2+2

4. What is Ozone layer? Mention any three causes of depletion of ozone layer. 1+3

5. Write nay four importance of ozone layer. 4

6. What is mean by energy? Mention any three effects on the environment due to the lack of energy conservation. 1+3

7. What is solar energy? Mention any three points of the importance of solar energy. 1+3

8. Write short notes on: 2+2

a) Light energy

b) Impact of depletion of ozone layer on human health

Chemical Aspect

Attempt any 2 questions from this sub-group.

9. What is meant by intoxicating waste? Mention names of any three of them including their sources. 1+3

10. Mention four ways of managing intoxicating wastes. 4

11. Describe in brief the effects of intoxicating wastes. 4

Biological Aspect

Attempt any 3 questions from this sub-group.

12. Mention any four major importance of domestic animals. 4

13. “Natural disaster is one of the major reasons for the extinction of animals.” Justify this statement. 4

14. Mention any four ways of protecting animals at local level. 4

15. Write short notes on: 2+2

a) Conservation of forest

b) One-horned rhinoceros

Natural Aspect

Answer any two questions from this sub-group.

16. Define a wetland? Mention three major importance of wetland. 1+3

17. Mention four ways of conservation of wetlands. 4

18. Write short notes on: 2+2

a) Lake

b) Necessity of conserving wetland

Socio-Economic Aspect

Answer any 2 questions from this sub-group.

19. Clarify the role of agriculture system as a source of national income. 4

20. “Terai region is considered as the storage of grains.” Explain this statement with four reasons. 4

21. Write short notes on: 2+2

a) Impact of overuse of land

b) Use of organic fertilizer

Health and Sanitation Aspect

Attempt any two questions from this sub-group.

22. What is the importance of environmental health? Explain it with four points. 4

23. Write with example how solid wastes can be reused. 4

24. Write short notes on: 2+2

a) Healthy habit

b) Treatment of waste

Group ‘B’

Write long answers of any four questions from this group. 4×7=28

25. Mention any four effects of the depletion of ozone layer. Describe in brief any three measures for conserving of the ozone layer. 2+5

26. Mention four reasons why some animals are becoming extinct in Nepal. Write two ways of conservation of such animals undertaken at the government level.

27. Mention three changes seen in agriculture system of Nepal. “Using fertilizer is more appropriate than using chemical fertilizer.” Clarify the statement. 3+4

28. Mention any three effects of air pollution. Describe in brief two controlling measures of air pollution. 3+4

29. Mention two names of intoxicating wastes produced from a hospital. Mention also three measures for managing such wastes. 3+4

30. Mention three reasons for the depletion of wetlands. Describe in brief two ways how a community could be mobilized in conserving wetlands. 3+4

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Feb 112014

Nepal Telecom, a telecommunication service provider, owned by the Government of Nepal, is a popular institution. It was established in 2032 B.S. with an aim to provide telecommunication services to the people of Nepal through the use of telephone and other means of communication. But today, this organization has moved in the path of progress in such a way that it has been able to provide different types of communication services

to the people, including national and international voice calls, video calls, SMS, MMS, mobile internet, ADSL internet, wireless internet etc.

And now, Nepal Telecom has decided to launch its very own social networking site. It has planned to bring its own social networking Nepal Telecom Logosite in order to help the people, especially Nepalese people, to stay connected everytime. It is currently testing the new social networking site internally.

Anoop Ranja, Managing Director of Nepal Telecom, stated, “The social site will have all facilities like those of Facebook. Not only that much, it will also have Skype, group message and Viber services.” He also added that the preparations to launch the new social networking site were at the final stage.

However, Nepal Telecom hasn’t named its site yet. Although the social networking site was previously named as ‘Chautari’, Nepal Telecom decided to find some other name which could help in the promotion of its brand.

Guna Keshari Pradha, Spokesperson of Nepal Telecom, said, “The social networking site will have more facilities than those of Facebook and this site will be very appropriate as well as useful for the Nepalese.”

After the launching of the new social networking site, Nepalese users will be able to use it for a number of purposes including making new friends, chatting, creating group messages, making Internet Protocol (IP) calls, uploading and sharing photos and videos, writing status messages and comments etc.

The current target of the new social networking site is to benefit one million people. This target will later be increased to ten million people. Nepal Telecom has invested about NRs. 900 million so as to construct the new social networking site.

This act of Nepal Telecom has surely brought enthusiasm, curiosity and joy among the social network lovers. However, social network lovers will have to wait for some time in order to get benefitted from this site.