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SLC Model Question Set 2 (Optional First Environment Science)

Group ‘A’

Answer any 18 questions from this group. 18×4=72

Physical Aspect

Answer any 7 questions from this sub-group.

1. What are the major sources of greenhouse gases? Explain any two in brief. 2+2

2. Define green house effect and global warming. Describe any two impacts of global warming. 2+2

3. Explain the role of ozone in the stratosphere. What are the causes of ozone layer depletion? 2+2

4. How do CFCs destroy ozone layer? Write its two effects. 2+2

5. “International co-operation is a must for the protection of ozone layer.” Justify the statement. 4

6. What is meant by energy? Why are renewable energy resources more appropriate? 2+2

7. What is solar energy? Write any three applications of it. 1+3

8. How is natural balance disturbed by the misuse of energy resources? Write any four points. 4

Chemical Aspect

Attempt any 2 questions from this sub-group.

9. Define hazardous waste. Why are some wastes toxic? Give reason. 1+3

10. How is environment affected by overuse and misuse of chemical? 4

11. What do you mean by safety measures? Explain any two measures to save life. 1+3

Biological Aspect

Attempt any 3 questions from this sub-group.

12. Write down the advantages of domestic and wild animals in four points of each. 2+2

13. Write any two endangered animals and describe them on the basis of introduction, habitat, food and average life span. 2+2

14. What is National Park? Explain its role for the conservation of wild life. 1+3

15. “Carelessness of human being causes the disappearance of wildlife”. Justify the statement. 4

Natural Aspect

Answer any two questions from this sub-group.

16. What is wetland? Write any three important points of wetland. 2+2

17. Why are wetlands being destructed in Nepal? Write the need of conservation of it. 1+3

18. Write short notes on: 2+2

a) Marsh

b) Oligotrophic Lake

Socio-Economic Aspect

Answer any 2 questions from this sub-group.

19. What is the importance of agriculture system in Nepal? 4

20. “Agriculture plays an important role as a source of national income.” Justify this statement. 4

21. What are pesticides? Write down their adverse effects on environment. 1+3

Health and Sanitation Aspect

Attempt any two questions from this sub-group.

22. Why should we study about the importance of environmental health? Write four points. 4

23. Write any four occupational and industrial health hazards. 4

24. What are the effects of radiation on human health? Explain. 4

Group ‘B’

Write long answers of any four questions from this group. 4×7=28

25. Describe any three control measures for green house gases. Also mention any one worldwide program for reducing green house gases. 6+1

26. Write brief notes on different types of hazardous wastes. Also write their preventive measures. 4+3

27. Compare the animals found in Terai and mountain regions with examples. Why are the animals found in mountain region not found in Terai region? 2+2+3

28. Describe any one natural wetland of our country. Make your description on the following points. 7

  • Introduction
  • Its importance
  • Measures undertaken for its conservation
  • Further measures necessary for its conservation

29. Write down the effects of natural disaster and illegal trade on animals in detail. 7

30. What is radioactive pollution? Explain the causes and effects of it on human health and environment. 2+2.5+2.5

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