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Environment Science (Optional First)

Group ‘A’

Answer any 18 questions from this sub-group. 18×4=72

Physical Aspect

Answer any 7 questions from this sub-group. 7×4=28

1. “The atmospheric layer helps to maintain the temperature on the surface of the earth.” Explain this statement with two reasons. Discuss the role of green house gases in the contribution to global warming. 4

2. Describe in detail about any two natural greenhouse gases. 4

3. How does the green house effect influence on agriculture system and human health? 2+2

4. What is ozone? Describe the importance of stratosphere in atmosphere. 1+3

5. “Ozone depletion is a global issue.” Justify this statement. 4

6. Write short notes on: 2+2

  • Ozone hole
  • Ultraviolet radiation

7. Why is energy important for the development of a nation? 4

8. What is biomass energy? Show difference between hydroelectricity and natural gas. 1+3

Chemical Aspect

Attempt any 2 questions from this sub-group.

9. Give brief introduction about types of hazardous wastes. 4

10. What type of wastes can be called toxic? Write with example. 4

11. How is water polluted due to hazardous waste? Explain. 4

Biological Aspect

Attempt any 3 questions from this sub-group.

12. Write the characteristics of the animals found in hilly region with four examples. 4

13. List any four reasons for the disappearance of the wild life. Explain any one in short. 2+2

14. “Animals are inseparable factor of environment.” Give your views with examples. 4

15. Write short notes on: 2+2

  • Habitat of animals
  • Human encroachment

Natural Aspect

Answer any two questions from this sub-group.

16. “Wetland ecosystem is considered as an important aspect for all living things on the earth.” Clarify it. 4

17. Name the types of lake on the basis of nutrition content and compare them. 1+3

18. Mention any four reasons why wet lands should be conserved. 4

Socio-Economic Aspect

Answer any 2 questions from this sub-group.

19. Why is technology important for agricultural development? Write four reasons. 4

20. List out eight points on importance of agriculture in Nepal. 4

21. Write short notes on: 2+2

  • Advantages of organic manure
  • Excessive use of chemical fertilizer

Health and Sanitation Aspect

Attempt any two questions from this sub-group.

22. Define health according to WHO. Mention two points of importance of environmental health. 2+2

23. What is sound pollution? Write four harmful effects of sound pollution. 1+3

24. “Necessity of healthy habitat for living.” Clarify it. Also write the properties of healthy residence. 4

Group ‘B’

Write long answers of any four questions from this group. 4×7=28

25. Explain four ways of conservation of renewable energy resources. Write three impacts of overuse and misuse of energy. 4+3

26. Explain any four effects of hazardous waste. Write three ways of effective hazardous waste management. 4+3

27. Clarify the concept of conservation of animals and describe six methods for their conservation. 1+6

28. What is meant by natural wetland? Write down any six measures of wetland conservation. 1+6

29. Write in brief about irrigation methods. Describe in detail in what way agriculture provides the opportunity of employment. 4+3

30. How are radiation and industrial chemicals related to environment? Write any three environmental aspects that should be considered in occupational health. 4+3

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