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Optional Population Education

SLC Board Question 2066 (2010)

Group ‘A’

Attempt any 16 questions from this group. 16×5=80

1. Define family life education. In how many types is family divided? Mention.

2. Discuss any five advantages of the record on family expenditure statement.

3. Clarify the necessity of Gender Equity in Nepal.

4. How can you help for the change against social evils that arise in marriage? Give your opinion.

5. Distinguish between:

  • Punishable Marriage and Voidable Marriage
  • Widow Marriage and Marriage by Performance

6. Clarify the marriage concept with any five statements.

7. Why do an employed and rich people also try to migrate in foreign country? Mention any five points.

8. Describe the types of migration.

9. Write five bad impacts on migrated place that is caused by migration.

10. Clarify any five facts of Gender concept.

11. What sort of education should be provided to the woman for the improvement in safe motherhood? Mention any five points.

12. Why most of the women are still compelled to unsafe abortion? Give reasons.

13. Describe the conditions during conception and pregnancy.

14. Name the permanent family planning devices and explain any one of them in detail.

15. Why do people think it necessary to have family planning? Write major reasons.

16. Write short notes on:

  • Macro nutrient
  • Controlling measures of Rickets

17. Suppose an eye specialist is invited to your class, what will be your questions for him/her? Create any five questions.

18. What sort of techniques will you apply to raise positive thinking based on social norms, values and attitude for proper balance of population growth?

19. What are the impacts of religious beliefs on population growth? Describe.

20. How does women education bring changes in family status? Give your opinions.

Group ‘B’

Attempt any two questions: 10×2=20

21. What will be your role in a family for the participation of male and female? Also illustrate their benefits.

22. What is Anemia? Write down causes, symptoms and preventive measures of this disease.

23. What are the three main functions of nutrients and how is nutrient classified by chemical compositions? Describe with examples.

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Mar 022014

SLC Model Question Set 8 (Social Studies)

Attempt all the questions

Group ‘A’

Write very short answer of the following questions. 8×1=8

1. Give one difference between federal system and state government system.

2. Mention any one problem created by refugees in the world.

3. Mention one of the reasons regarding the deteriorating condition of the Nepalese political system.

4. Write in a sentence how the altitude affects the climate.

5. Show the following facts with appropriate symbol.

  • Railway
  • Lake

6. What is the main occupation of the people living in Savanna Region?

7. Why was Ram Kumar Bantawa killed?

8. When was the election of constituent Assembly II held?

Group ‘B’

Write short answer of the following questions: 14×4=56

9. What kinds of National Planning are necessary for Nepal? Write in four points.

10. How can you say that there are possibilities of development in the Far Western Development Region? Write briefly.

11. “Education and women participation is ultimate source of development of a country.” Justify this statement.

12. Show the given data of SLC passed students of a school in different years in a pie chart.

Year No. of Students
2066 B.S. 85
2067 B.S. 80
2068 B. S. 78
2069 B.S. 70

13. Prepare a short conversation between two students about the importance of National Day.

14. “The disappearance of folk songs causes extinction of our culture and identification.” Write four ways to preserve it.

15. Write the four causes of girl trafficking in Nepal.

16. Briefly point out the works of scout.

17. Write the editorial column for a National Daily regarding the importance of election of Nepal.

18. Differentiate between Tropical Monsoon Climate and Tropical Desert Climate in four points.

19. What roles can a tourist guide play to attract foreign tourists to Nepal? Write any four roles.

20. Show the four major incidents with their dates between 2063 B.S. to 2070 B.S. in a time line.

21. Who are peace keeping force? What are their duties? Write briefly.

22. Write the powers and the functions of UN General Assembly.

Group ‘C’

Write long answer of the following questions. 4×9=36

23. Give introductions to all the organs of the government and describe the powers and functions of any one of them.

24. Draw an outline map of Nepal and insert the following facts with appropriate symbol in it.

Ganesh Himal, Bheri River, Tea Cultivation Area, Prithvi Highway, Janakpur, Chitwan National Park.


In the given map of Africa, insert the following facts in it.

Nile River, lake Victoria, Madagascar, Drakansberg Mountain, Kalahari desert, Tropic of Cancer, Rift valley, Red sea, Atlantic Ocean.

25. Prepare a dialogue between two friends including political, economical and social results of the Second World War.


You must have visited any one historical, cultural, physical or religious place. Prepare an excursion report with the help of the following sub-titles.

  • Topic and introduction
  • Objectives
  • Methodology
  • Conclusion and recommendation

26. What is foreign employment? Describe the challenges faced by the Nepalese youths in foreign countries while going for foreign employment and also describe the importance of foreign employment.

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