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SLC Model Question Set 4 (Accountancy)

Candidates are required to give answers in their own words as far as practicable.

Group ‘A’

A. Answer the following questions in one sentence.                 5*1=5

1. What is the full form of AGF.

2. What is insurance premium?

3. How is net profit adjusted on balances sheet?

4. When was accounting committee formed to develop new accounting system in Nepal?

5. What are the types of trade?

Group ‘B

B. Give short answer to the following questions.                      8*5=40

6. What are the differences between a tippani and a report?

7. What is indexing? Explain the uses of indexing in filing system?

8. What is invoice? List out the terms to be mentioned on it?

9. From the following information, Prepare Trial Balance of Raj Kamal industries for the end of the fiscal year 2069/2070

Capital                       350000           Opening stock           40000

Sales                           100000           Purchase                    200000

Sales returned           1000               Purchase returned    5000

Creditor                     10000             debtor                         50000

Bank Overdraft         15000             Land and building    189000

10. From the following particular prepare profit & loss account.

Discount on purchase 1000 Interest on investment 2000
Apprenticeship premium 5000 Salaries 9000
Rent 4000 Discount 3000
Petty expenses 500 Income tax 100
Advertisement 500 Gross profit 10000

11. Prepare balance sheet of N.K Enterprises from the following particulars as on 31st December 2012.

Cash balance 5000 Bank balance 120000
Creditors 10000 Bills receivable 25000.
Land and building 103000 Capital 230000
Net profit 70000 Debtors 75000
Bills payable 10000 Reserve fund 8000

12. What is meant by new accounting system? Explain any four importance of it.

13. What is bank cash book? Explain the accounts included in it.

Group ‘C’

C. Write long answer of the following questions.                   3*10=30

14. What is Bank? Explain its importance’s.

15. Prepare Goswara Voucher on the base of the following transaction of District Education office Bhaktapur.

  1. 2064-5-10=> TADA advance of Mr. Khanal Rs. 16000 has been cleared against the bill of Rs. 15000 and bank voucher of Rs. 1000
  2. 2064-6-15=>Accountant, Miss Sujila submitted the bill of Rs. 10000 after purchasing the furniture and her advance was cleared.
  3. 2064-7-4=> Received a bank order for Rs. 310000 and budget release order for Rs. 250000 for the expenditure of Aswin.
  4. 2064-10-01=> Issued a cheque of Rs. 2000 in the name of Sujan for establishment of petty cash fund.
  5. 2064-21-10=> Issued a cheque of Rs. 69,500 for distribution of salary for the month after deducting Rs. 18,000 for provident fund, Rs 10,000 for Tejarath Sapati and Rs. 1,500 for income tax.

16. Following are the statement of revenue & expenses of district Health office, Palpa for the month of Shrawan.

B.H No. Budget head/ sub-head Annual budget Rs Expenditure of Shrawan Rs
1.01 Salary 286000 22000
2.01 Water sup.& electricity 96000 8000
2.03 Office expenses 144000 11000
6.01 Furniture 200000 50000
6.03 Machinery 500000 100000
Total 1226000 191000

Additional information:

  1. Total imprest fund received Rs. 225000
  2. Uncleared furniture advance Rs. 20000
  3. Petty cash fund balance Rs. 500
  4. Bank balance Rs. 33500

Required: Statement of expenditure for the month of Shrawan.

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