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Mar 102014

Biography of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee (Lee Hsiao Lung) was born in San Francisco in November 1940. He was the son of a famous Chinese opera singer. Bruce moved to Hong Kong and became a child star in the growing Eastern film industry. His first film was called The Birth of Mankind where as Game of Death was his last film which was not completed due to his death in 1973.Bruce was a loner and was constantly getting himself into fights.

He got the basic knowledge skills from the Yip Men and later on he himself enlightened his skill in martial art.
Famous as: The Hero of Martial Arts bruce lee

Born on: 27 November 1940

Born in: San Francisco, USA

Died in: 20 July 1972

Nationality: American

Works and achievements: Foundation of Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee left Hong Kong to study for a degree in philosophy at the University of Washington in America. During that time, he worked as waiter and also taught his some skills to students. In return of this, he earns some money. Some of the Japanese schools in the Seattle area tried to force Bruce out. There followed many confrontations and duels in Bruce a lot to remain there.bruce lee

He married Linda, the college friend at Linda at the University. He soon graduated and he started his career in Martial Arts. After sometime, he also got chance to play role in Hollywood films – Marlowe etc. He displayed some of his skills at exhibitions regularly. While exhibiting such skill he became the attraction point to some producers and one of the producer signed up to do The Green Hornet series. The series was quite successful in the States- but was a huge hit in Hong Kong. Bruce Lee again visited Hong Kong in 1968 and he was overwhelmed by the attention he received from the people he had left.

He also declared to do a movie in Chinese if he got the reasonable returns. He again returned to the State and continued some episodes of Longstreet and at the same time, he began to write his book on Jeet Kune Do.

Many producers were ready for signing with Bruce Lee after coming back in Hong Kong for the film of Martial Arts. Raymond Chow, the head of Golden Harvest who produced The Big Boss with the help of Bruce Lee.

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