13 Unique Features of Samsung Galaxy S5

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Mar 212014

iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series are great rivals in the world of smartphones. Even smartphone users buy smartphones only after comparing the features of these two smartphone series.
Recently, Samsung has launched its Galaxy S5. This model of Samsung’s smartphone will be available in the market from April 11, 2014. And this phone contains many interesting features which cannot be found on Apple’s iPhone 5S.
Today, through this post, you will be able to know about 13 unique features of Samsung Galaxy S5 which cannot be found on iPhone or any other smartphone. The unique features that can be found on Samsung Galaxy S5 are:

  1. Through Samsung Galaxy S5, the user will be able to do payments through fingerprint on phone. This service has been launched by Samsung in association with Paypal.Samsung Galaxy S5 - 1
  2. Samsung Galaxy S5 has no problem even if it is dipped in water. But we already know, what happens when iPhone is dipped in water.iPhone - 2
  3. The camera of Samsung Galaxy S5 is also way too efficient. This phone contains a rare camera of 16 megapixels. Hence, it is obvious that the quality of photographs taken from this phone will be far better than those taken from iPhone 5S, which contains a camera of just 8 megapixels.Samsung Galaxy S5 - 3
  4. Samsung Galaxy S5 will have the storage capacities of 16 and 32 GB. Although iPhone has storage capacity upto 64 GB, Micro SD memory card slot is not available in it. But the case is not the same with Samsung Galaxy S5 since a Micro SD memory card can be inserted in it. And the plus point is that the expandable memory of Samsung Galaxy S5 is upto 128 GB.Micro SD Card - 4
  5. The capacity of the front face camera will also be impressive in Samsung Galaxy S5. The photographs taken from this phone will be of high quality without any kind of spots.Photograph - 5
  6. Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be the first phone in the world with Live HDR Preview. Through this feature, the user will be able to see the possible effects in a photograph before taking the photograph.Photograph - 6
  7. With the help of Samsung Galaxy S5, the user will be able to record videos with four times better HD resolution. This phone’s camcorder can be considered as the best among the camcorders of present day smartphones.Samsung UHDTV - 7
  8. Simplified interface and Kids Mode enable the users to snap photographs in different modes in an easy manner.Grayscale Photograph - 8
  9. Battery saving feature will also be available in this smartphone. The user of this smartphone will be able to decrease the intensities of Black and White colours so as to decrease the rate of battery consumption. During the power shortage, the phone will be switched into monochrome power saving mode, which enables the phone to work efficiently even in less power.iPhone - 9
  10. Generally, when the capacity of the battery of a phone decreases, the acid contained in the battery gradually affects the hardware of the phone. But this won’t happen in case of Samsung Galaxy S5. All you have to do is just change the battery and your phone is safe. Even iPhone cannot save its hardware from the acid of its battery.
  11. Samsung Galaxy S5 has been created on the basis of heart rate sensor. With the help of this sensor, the user will be able to know the heart beat rate of his/her body. When the fitness app at the right corner is pressed, the user gets the information about his/her heart rate. These days, there are many apps for measuring heart rate which can be downloaded on iPhone also.Samsung Galaxy S5 - 10
  12. Samsung Galaxy S5 can also be used as a remote controller because this smartphone has an Infrared Blaster at its topmost part.
  13. The dynamic image chip in this smartphone creates natural image. This contributes in the adjustment of colour and background automatically.Photograph 11

Mar 212014

Innovation, what is innovation? Is innovation really difficult? How does it take place? Do all have innovation power?innovationInnovation in simple meaning, is a process of introducing new device  or process resulting from the study and experimentation. Innovation is really difficult. It is really challenging for all not only you think it’s a challenge. It is being struggle for all whether you are housewife, parents, teachers, managers, consultants, facilitators, founders etc. Those people who accept the challenge of innovation and struggle for it will really love the condition and situation around him/her. Such people also love difficult things. Many people may also put the goal of making innovation less complex so others will be able to innovate their product and service portfolios and organizations themselves.

Gijs van Wulfen, as one of the first Linkedin Influencers, he have written more than 80 posts about innovation the last sixteen months. Last week he reread them all to identify his most essential insights. Some are provoking. Others are simplifying. Here’s a list of quotes from his LinkedIn innovation articles. Please use them to lead your organizations in innovation:
  1. In the long run a company cannot survive on doing the same things better and cheaper.
  2. Most managers are like dogs. They bark at what they don’t know.
  3. Managers say yes to innovation only if doing nothing is a bigger risk.
  4. Continuous innovation is bullshit. You only innovate when you have to.
  5. Organizations frustrate innovative employees.
  6. Starting innovation is like a child starting to walk. Learn to love the struggle!
  7. If there’s no urgency innovation is considered as playtime.
  8. Most people only innovate when they have to. Pick the right moment.
  9. Innovators need the patience of a hunter to wait for a shot that you’re sure you can make.
  10. Never start innovation with an idea. You will fall in love with it. But love is blind.
  11. A big idea is a new simple solution for a relevant problem or dream.
  12. The best innovators are need seekers.
  13. The problem of brainstorms is the inability of people to let go of the old ideas.
  14. If you don’t get new insights you won’t get new ideas.
  15. For most companies evolutionary ideas are quite revolutionary.
  16. You can invent on your own, but in an organization you can never innovate alone!
  17. Think outside the box and present your idea inside the box otherwise nothing will happen.
  18. Innovators should bring back new business not new ideas.
  19. Nobody buys innovation from a clown so bring back a new business case.
  20. The voice of the customer is your best support for a new concept.
  21. Innovators should stop writing plans. Innovation is learning by doing.
  22. Innovation does not stop at the first “No”. That’s the moment it really starts.
  23. Less creative ideas are better because they have a higher chance of becoming reality.
  24. An organization is just like a herd. Focus on the slowest animals. When they start running too your organization really gets innovative.
  25. Research turns money in knowledge, innovation turns knowledge into money.
  26. To make a breakthrough you need to break something!
  27. More often than not, innovation is not about defining a solution, but about re-defining the problem.
  28. It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen. – this is not originally mine, I saw it somewhere on the Net.
  29. Innovation is change that adds value. Anything else is a waste of time, effort, and money.
  30. Innovation is when the brave drop the good ways and try out a few bad ones with the hope of making them yield more impact.
  31. Giving up is not an option for innovators.
  32. Innovation is in the eyes of the potential adopter. It can have dispersed meaning among different individuals.
  33. Innovation starts at the “That’s too complicated for me” moment.
  34. Innovation conquers fear.
  35. Innovation is DOING new things, not just thinking about it.
  36. Innovation is just a word. Make it happen is a challenge.
  37. Serendipity isn’t magic or luck. It happens when there is a cultural intersection between opportunity, insight and openness.
  38. Innovators are people who see the world from another perspective. Have you ever tried to turn upside down for a few minutes? You will notice details that you never noticed
  39. Innovation must take risks and risk the possibility of failure.
  40. Innovation is the result of experimenting with unknown angels or the known devils.
  41. Innovation is converting ideas & inventions into measurable business value.
  42. Wake up the kid inside me.
  43. Innovation can be the easier way for evolution if you accept it.
  44. It requires thinking outside the box, taking risks in teams and making real sense.
  45. Innovation is a healthy component in the success equation.

So here are 44 essential insights about innovation. We hope some of them are helpful to you. If you curious, and have question and further insights, you are heartily welcome to write in comment box.


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