Mar 312014

Along with the arrival of summer season, the temperature of the surroundings increases in a rapid manner. Due to the increment in the temperature of the environment, the problem of overheating of electronic devices like laptop may occur as well. So, the danger of damaging or blasting of the electronic devices also increases. Therefore, we should be very careful while using electronic devices in summer season. Today, in this post, we will be discussing about the protection of laptop in summer season.

  1. Using laptop cooling pad: Cooling pad can be used for maintaining the temperature of laptop. This cooling pad can be connected and run by the use of USB cable. It is kept under the laptop while using it. However, battery consumption is high during the use of laptop cooling pad.
  2. Stopping the use of laptop in sunlight: Most of the users use laptop while basking the sun. They even leave the laptop in the sun. Due to these types of activities, the motherboard and charging slot of the laptop encounters different types of problems. Hence, it is better to use laptop in such places where there is no direct sunlight.
  3. Avoiding the use of laptop by putting it on lap: Laptops are designed in order to be used by putting on lap. But in summer season, using laptop by putting it on lap leads to heating of laptop. The fabric used by the user and the sweat of the user increases the humidity in the laptop which affects the battery level of the laptop. Therefore, it is not a good idea to use laptop by putting it on lap or mat for a long time. It is better to use it by keeping it on a table. If possible, changing the working area time to time can be a good idea.