Jun 302014

And that night nighted again with a thunderstorm and hilarious Rain Fall which non had expected to arouse again but unexpected happened……

Rina; 9 years old, that day was very excited for her birthday party which had been an alternative for a get together of her siblings. Every one attended Rina’s birthday party not just because Rina was a darling but her father and mother have never been cruel to anyone…

Here, Rina was Supa-Dupa excited! Excited for her 9th birthday party. Then with the whirling of clock it pointed on sharp 6 at the dusk and her guests started coming . One after the other. Some ha envelops on their hand where as other had the box of present on their hands. Innocent eyes of Rina was just staring at the gifts people had for her and she was like Wo! Yeah! ”Those gifts are for me” every single person had left a gift for Rina that day..

As Rina’s birthday had been an alternative for a get together also every siblings  were present there…

Rina that day had just stepped on 9. The cake was cut, the candles were blown and very special wishes had been wished by the birthday girl Rina.

After the food served Rina’s friends were taken by their parents as the clock was telling it’s 8 p.m. Rina also then fell asleep and was taken to 2nd floor. To her room and was laid on her bed comfortably.

Down, at the ground floor family get together was going on fabulously. Drinks were served without limits  Some were playing cards, some gossiping, some singing, some dancing on the songs. Among all there was a tall, dark-handsome and a PhD holder fellow; whom Rina called Uncle Ranish.

He had brought a huge Teddy for Rina which she had told “The Best Gift” that night. All were busy down then Uncle Ranish who had missed the Cake cutting and candles blowing, who had arrived lately paced towards 2nd floor straight to Rina’s room with a glass of her daily diet Milk. He just wanted to wish Rina in his style. And He did wish her.

Year 2068, Rina’s mum and dad had to visit to their relative who was in his last stage of life so’ they had  left Rina to Uncle Ranish’s home. And Uncle Ranish had taken care of Rina so well. Time and again Uncle Ranish used to take Rina to parks and picnics.

At the very second morning of Rina’s accommodation to Uncle Ranish’s home she cried very sharply as soon as she woke up and Uncle Ranish had taken her to his dear Doctor friend who also loved girl like Rina or let’s say siblings of his. Doctor gave Rina some medicines and asked to perform some remedies and by the second week she was out and above.

Uncle had asked Rina to finish up the glass of her daily diet milk and wished her a warm birthday and Uncle Ranish was happy too.

Uncle Ranish had completely forgotten one very important thing! Then similarly to 2068’s Falgun 1st he undressed Rina and satisfied himself with his so called pleasure. This time his work was not completed by an hour too. Uncle Ranish took a long time. Absent-mindedly this time Uncle Ranish ruined his life.

2068’s second morning Rina had hesitantly said to Uncle Ranish, ”My Peeing Place is hurting” innocently. That day Rina had been unable to sit and stand finely.

Uncle Ranish has been rewarded by the life time imprisonment award. The very next day when Uncle Ranish opened his eyes; compelled to open by a sudden flash of light he was half naked. A PhD holder fellow, he was laying in the bed full of blood. Many people had surrounded him. Then creepy man at this point also looked by his side if Rina was there. He was speechless, couldn’t defense himself..

And Rina???? Rina couldn’t bear the pain this time. However the dose of tablets given to her  was also high. Her uterus was damaged fully. Her bed was all covered with blood. As her room had been covered with CCTV. Rina’s mother saw Uncle Ranish. They also saw the evil action of him. They took Rina to the hospital in the midnight right after they got the hint but it had already been late and Rina was no more above the ground.

By: Ranju Darshana (Neupane)

Email ID: ranjudarshana1@gmail.com