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SLC Model Question (EPH: Health, Population and Environment Education)

Group ‘A’ [10×1=10]
Very short answer questions
Attempt ALL the questions from this group.
1. What is the growth rate of population percent per-year according to the census of 2068?
2. In which method of census full moon night of spring or autumn season is selected for calculating the size of population?
3. What is the fundamental component of making quality of life?
4. Write down the ranges of altitude in hill region.
5. Write down any one adverse effect of human activities on environment.
6. What is called the capacity of animals that can adjust and survive on the environment?
7. What causes some particular differences in living beings found in the earth?
8. Name any two chemicals responsible for the destruction of ozone layer.
9. What is the causative agent of amoebic dysentery?
10. How many beds are required to be district hospital?

Group ‘B’ [13×5=65]
Short answer questions
Attempt any THIRTEEN questions from this group.
11. Explain about the situation of world population. [5]
12. What do you understand by distribution of population? Why is distribution of population not equal in Nepal? [5]
13. The women of a certain city between 25-29 years of age gave birth to 3200 live birth in 2007. If the number of such women was 50,000, find the age specific fertility rate of the city. [5]
14. What do you mean by quality of life? How does education ensure quality of life? [5]
15. Why does modernization deplete the eco system? Explain this in the context of three geographical regions? [5]
16. What do you mean by management and conservation of environment? What are the major programmes that are being implemented in the protection of the environment? [5]
17. List the importance of biodiversity and describe any one. [5]
18. What are the adverse effects of human activities on the biodiversity? How can these effects be reduced? [5]
19. List the importance of development work and describe any one. [5]
20. What will happen if we do not follow the principles of sustainable development in the conduction of development activities? [5]
21. What is HIV/AIDS? Why is it regarded as fatal one? [5]
22. “Anemia and scurvy can be caused by the deficiency of vitamin C.” Justify it. [5]
23. What is drug addition? What are the causes of drug addiction? [5]
24. What are the main health problems of Nepal? Describe any one. [5]
25. List the strategies of the three year interim plan. [5]

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SLC Model Question Set 9 (Social Studies)

Group ‘A’
Very short answer questions. 8×1=8
1. Name any two mountain peaks of central development region.
2. Write any two causes why teenagers fall in drug addiction.
3. Are you satisfied with the establishment of several institutions and their activities in protecting human rights? Why or why not?
4. Why does winter rain occur in Mediterranean region?
5. How are the following facts shown in the map?
a) Airways b) National Parks
6. How can the lives of people of Tundra region be uplifted?
7. What is the Piskar assassination? Write in a sentence.
8. Which political party do you accept for the immediate cause of people’s movement 2062/63 B.S. Write your opinion in one sentence?
Group ‘B’
Short answer questions. 14×4=56
9. Write any four demerits of federalism.
10. Prepare a dialogue including benefits and achievement of distribution program of solar light.
11. What aspects should be considered to increase women participation in development activities? Write any four points.
12. Show the following data in the pie chart.

Population on the basis of mother tongue-2068
Nepali 1,18,26,953
Maithali 30,92,530
Bhojpuri 15,82,958
Tharu 15,29,575

13. Nowadays young boys and girls are indifferent towards folk songs. What should be done to attract them to the folk songs? Write any four ways.
14. “Road accidents are increasing day by day nowadays.” What should be done by the concerned authorities to minimize the accidents? Write any four measures.
15. Who are the refugees? Write any three problems caused by the refugees in the context of Nepal?
16. “Dowry system affects in the social and economic development of the society.” Justify with your opinions in four points.
17.What do you think are the causes of impossibilities of consensus among the political parties in the important political issues to promulgate the new constitution? Write any four causes.
18. “Mediterranean type of climate is suitable for human settlement.” Why? Justify with four points.
19. Complete the following table and show in the timelines.

Date Events
2018 B.S. Rebellion in Jhapa
2030 B.S. People’s movement I

20. What is economic planning? Which aspects should be considered to make economic plan successful?
21. What is the veto power? Mention the formation and function of Security Council?
22. “Being a small and peace-loving country, Nepal has been playing important roles in promoting international peace and understanding.” Clarify it.
Group ‘C’
Long Answer Questions. 9×4=36
23. Write nay three functions carried out by each of the bodies of the state:
Legislature, Executive and Judiciary and Explain them.
24. Draw an outline map of Nepal and locate the following facts in it.
Coffee production area, Mt. Api, Dharan, Shivapuri National Park, Bheri River and Lumbini
In the map of Africa, insert the following facts:
River Orange, Lake Chad, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Sahara Desert, Red Sea, Equator, Cape Town, Congo Basin, Gold Mine.
25. Describe the causes of The Second World War.
You must have visited any historical or cultural or religious place. Prepare an excursion report on the basis of following sub-titles.
i) Name and introduction
ii) Methodology
iii) Objectives
iv) Findings
v) Conclusion and recommendations
26. Thousands of Nepalese Youths go abroad in search of jobs annually. They are compelled to face many problems there. Mention any four problems and five roles of Nepalese government to solve such problems.

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