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SLC Model Question Set 4 (Science)

Full Marks: 75
Pass Marks: 24

Attempt all the questions:


1. a) The acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the Earth is 9.8m/s2, what does it mean? Write the value of universal gravitational constant. A piece of stone is dropped from the top of the tower if it takes 10 seconds to reach on the ground then what is the height of the tower? 0.5+1+36=4.5

b) What is thermonuclear fusion reaction? Different government and non-government agencies are giving priority of Gobar-gas and hydroelectricity production in our country, why? Write with two reasons. 1+2=3

2. a) State Archimede’s principal. Name a device which is based on Pascal’s Law. Prove that liquid pressure is directly proportion to the depth of liquid. 1+0.5+2=3.5

b) Camel can walk easily on sandy desert but cannot horse. Why? A solid weight 0.8kg in air and its material has a density of 8000kg/m3. If it is completely immersed in a liquid density 5000kg/m3. Has is it the apparent weight of the solid in the liquid?

3. a) Define heat and state its SI unit. A glass is filled with certain liquid at certain temperature such that it over flows whether heat or cooled. Suggest, with justification, the name of the liquid in the glass and its temperature. 1.5+2=3.5

b) A convex lens has a focal length of 2cm. An object kept at a distance of 6cm from the lens forms an image of 3cm. Draw a ray diagram to show the formation of image. Write any two nature of the image? What is the power of lens? 2+1+1=4

4. a) Define electric power. Write any two importance of electrolysis of copper sulphate. 1+2=3

b) Define electric motor. Lamp is lighted in the tuning cycle by the help of dynamo but goes off when bicycle is stopped. Explain with examples. 1+2=3


5. a) Name the element A from given table. Which element is more reactive between B and C? Why? How much carbon dioxide is obtained from completely burining of 10gms methane?

Elements Electronic Configuration



2, 8

2, 7

2, 8, 7

b) What is hydroxyl radical? Carbon dioxide changes lime water into milky but if it is passed for long time, it colorless, why? 1+2=3

6. a) What is PH scale? Write a use of acid which metal is obtained from the ore siderite? Write down the word equation and balanced formula equation of the reaction between this metal and conc. Nictric acid.

b) Which metal oxide is used to make green colored glass? Write a difference between soap and detergent. Detergent is harmful as pollution. Give reason. 0.5+2+1=3.5


7. a) What is taxis? Write the name and function of hormone secreted by pancreas. Draw a labeled diagram of nerve cell. 1+0.5+0.5+1.5=3.5

b) Name a disease cause by retrovirus. Person suffering from polio get paralysis, why? 0.5+1.5+2=4

8. a) Where is meiosis cell division likely to be found? In which stage of meiosis cell division does the crossing over take place? What would be the effect on heredity characteristics if crossing over were not take place? 1+0.5+1.5=3

b) All types of mushroom are not edible, why? Life cycle of a fern plant is divided into how many generations and what are they called?

9. a) What is recessive character? If the hydride of pure tall pea with the pure short parent pea plant then what will be genotype in the result? Write down with the chart. 1.5+3=4.5

b) Lightening is useful for balancing nitrogen cycle. Give reason. Write the phylum/division of cow with a main feature. 1.5+1.5=3

Astrology and Geology

10. a) Which era is called era of creepers and why? What is meant by green house effect? How is CFCs destroying ozone layer? 0.5+1+1.5=3

b) Define pulsar. Give two differences between plant and star. How is supernova formed? 1.5+2+1=4.5

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SLC Model Question Set 3 (HPE)

Class: 10                                    Time: 2:15 hours                                      F.M.: 75
Subject: HPE                                 Level: Secondary                                      P.M.: 30

 Group ‘A’

Write very short answers to the following questions:                         10×1=10
1. What is the total population of our country according to the census of 2011 A.D.?
2. What is the artificial factor of population change?
3. What is gender equality? Write in one sentence.
4. Which aspect of ecosystem is represented by land topography and climate?
5. What percentage of land is covered by Hilly region?
6. Write any two plants which are considered rare in Nepal.
7. What is meant by Ex-situ conservation?
8. Write any one importance of sustainable development.
9. Name the disease which is responsible for greater number of deaths of children in Nepal.
10. What is the full form of DOTS?

Group ‘B’

Write short answers to any thirteen of the following questions:        13×5=65
11. Describe the trend of population growth in Nepal by analyzing the past and present size of population.
12. The total number of women in a place be 160,000 in a year. In the same year, the number of women of age group (15 – 49) was 90,000. If there were altogether 4,000 live births in that year, calculate GFR.
13. List and describe the psychological factors affecting birth.
14. “Quality of life means the degree of satisfaction of the various aspects of human needs.” Explain in brief.
15. Explain in brief the ecosystem of Terai region.
16. “Effects on the ecosystem are found less in Mountain region.” Give reason.
17. What is biodiversity? Mention any five importance of it.
18. Write short notes on:
a) Yarshagumba              b. Clouded leopard
19. Explain the inter-relationship of population, environment and development.
20. What is sustainable development? Explain any three principles of it.
21. Differentiate between communicable and non-communicable diseases.
22. What is malnutrition? Write about Marasmus disease with its symptoms and preventive measures.
23. What is alcoholism? Write the preventive measures of alcoholism.
24. What is community health? Write down its four importance of community health.
25. Discuss the role of individuals in solving major health problems in Nepal.

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