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Full Marks: 50
Pass Marks: 16

Group ‘A’
Computer Fundamental (22 Marks)

1. Answer the following questions: (5 × 2 = 10)

a) Define computer network.
b) What are internet and e-mail?
c) Write down any four application areas of multimedia.
d) List out any four measures to protect computer software.
e) How can we protect computer from computer virus?

2. a) Convert as instructed: (2 × 1 = 2)
i) (235)8 into decimal ii) (BA5)16 into binary

b) Perform binary calculation: (2 × 1 = 2)
i) 10 × 11 + 101 ii) Divide 1011 by 10

3. Match the following: (4 × 0.5 = 2)

Group A Group B
Microwave Multimedia
UPS Protocol
Sound Card Unguided Media
TCP/IP Power Protection Device
Guided Media

4. Select the correct answer: (4 × 0.5 = 2)

a) Which is not the network hardware component?
i) HUB    ii) Repeater    iii) Router    iv) Windows NT


b) In which communication media does data travel in the form of light signal?
i) Telephone wire ii) Fiber optic iii) Coaxial cable iv) Twisted pair cable


c) Which is not the protocol?
i) TCP/IP ii) IPX/SPX iii) NETBIOS/NETBUI iv) Client


d) Which is the antivirus program?
i) Photoshop ii) NAV iii) Windows XP iv) MS-Excel

5. Give appropriate technical terms of the following: (4 × 0.5 = 2)

a) Buying and selling products and services online.
b) Cabling structure of LAN.
c) Group of computers that can share resource.
d) A program that destroys other programs.

6. Write full forms of: (4 × 0.5 = 2)

a) UPS b) WWW c) WAN d) DVD

Group ‘B’
Database (10 Marks)

7. Answer the following questions in short: (3 × 2 = 6)

a) What is DBMS?
b) Make a list of any four types of data used in Microsoft Access.
c) Define query.

8. Select the correct answer: (4 × 0.5 = 2)

a) The maximum text field size in Access is ……………
i) 50 ii) 10 iii) 256 iv) 255


b) The extension of a database file in Access is …………….
i) .DBF ii) .MDB iii) .DMB iv) .DBM


c) ……………. uniquely identifies any field.
i) Index ii) Memo Field iii) Primary Key iv) Query


d) The object of Access that stores the data is known as …………….
i) Query ii) Table iii) Form iv) Report

9. Match the following: (4 × 0.5 = 2)

Group A  Group B
Indexing Data DBMS
FoxPro Memo field
Query Searching fast

Group ‘C’
Programming (18 Marks)

10. (a) What is a user-defined function? (1)
(b) List any two types of data used in C language. (1)
(c) Write down the functions of the following statements: (1)

11. Write the output of the given program: (2)

DECLARE SUB Result ( )
CALL Result

SUB Result ( )






12. Rewrite the given program after correcting the bugs: (2)

REM To store name and age in a sequential data file STD.DOC

13. Study the following program and answer the given questions: (2 × 1 = 2)


a) How many parameters are used in the program?
b) How many times does the statement S=S+I execute in the above program?

14. A) Write a program to calculate the volume of a cylinder using FUNCTION…………….END FUNCTION. Hints: Volume = πR2H (3)
b) Write a program to test whether the given number is positive or negative using SUB…………….END SUB. (3)
c) Create a sequential data file “std.dat” to store Name and Mark obtained in English, Maths and Science subjects for a few students. (3)

External Practical Exam

Full Marks: 25
Pass Marks: 10

Group ‘A’
Ms-Access (10 Marks)

1. (a) Create a table of ‘student’ having following structure: (2)

Field name Data Type
Name Text
Address Text
DoB Date/Time
Telephone Number Number

(b) Add five records (2)
(c) Make a query ‘show1’ that displays all the records whose address is ‘Patan’. (2)
(d) Make a query ‘show2’ that displays DoB greater than or equal to 10/08/1990. (2)
(e) Prepare a Form Wizard using above table. (2)

Group ‘B’
QBasic (15 Marks)

2. (a) Write a program to calculate the perimeter of a rectangle using SUB…………….END SUB. (3)
(b) Write a program to find out the average of given two numbers by using keyboard FUNCTION……………..END FUNCTION. (3)
(c) Write a program to find the sum of natural number from 1 to 100 using SUB…………..END SUB. (3)
(d) Write a program to store students’ name, age, address in a sequential data file “person.dat”. (3)
(e) Display all the records of “person.dat” stored in 2(d). (3)

Feb 122014

SLC Model Question Set 2 (Optional First Environment Science)

Group ‘A’

Answer any 18 questions from this group. 18×4=72

Physical Aspect

Answer any 7 questions from this sub-group.

1. What are the major sources of greenhouse gases? Explain any two in brief. 2+2

2. Define green house effect and global warming. Describe any two impacts of global warming. 2+2

3. Explain the role of ozone in the stratosphere. What are the causes of ozone layer depletion? 2+2

4. How do CFCs destroy ozone layer? Write its two effects. 2+2

5. “International co-operation is a must for the protection of ozone layer.” Justify the statement. 4

6. What is meant by energy? Why are renewable energy resources more appropriate? 2+2

7. What is solar energy? Write any three applications of it. 1+3

8. How is natural balance disturbed by the misuse of energy resources? Write any four points. 4

Chemical Aspect

Attempt any 2 questions from this sub-group.

9. Define hazardous waste. Why are some wastes toxic? Give reason. 1+3

10. How is environment affected by overuse and misuse of chemical? 4

11. What do you mean by safety measures? Explain any two measures to save life. 1+3

Biological Aspect

Attempt any 3 questions from this sub-group.

12. Write down the advantages of domestic and wild animals in four points of each. 2+2

13. Write any two endangered animals and describe them on the basis of introduction, habitat, food and average life span. 2+2

14. What is National Park? Explain its role for the conservation of wild life. 1+3

15. “Carelessness of human being causes the disappearance of wildlife”. Justify the statement. 4

Natural Aspect

Answer any two questions from this sub-group.

16. What is wetland? Write any three important points of wetland. 2+2

17. Why are wetlands being destructed in Nepal? Write the need of conservation of it. 1+3

18. Write short notes on: 2+2

a) Marsh

b) Oligotrophic Lake

Socio-Economic Aspect

Answer any 2 questions from this sub-group.

19. What is the importance of agriculture system in Nepal? 4

20. “Agriculture plays an important role as a source of national income.” Justify this statement. 4

21. What are pesticides? Write down their adverse effects on environment. 1+3

Health and Sanitation Aspect

Attempt any two questions from this sub-group.

22. Why should we study about the importance of environmental health? Write four points. 4

23. Write any four occupational and industrial health hazards. 4

24. What are the effects of radiation on human health? Explain. 4

Group ‘B’

Write long answers of any four questions from this group. 4×7=28

25. Describe any three control measures for green house gases. Also mention any one worldwide program for reducing green house gases. 6+1

26. Write brief notes on different types of hazardous wastes. Also write their preventive measures. 4+3

27. Compare the animals found in Terai and mountain regions with examples. Why are the animals found in mountain region not found in Terai region? 2+2+3

28. Describe any one natural wetland of our country. Make your description on the following points. 7

  • Introduction
  • Its importance
  • Measures undertaken for its conservation
  • Further measures necessary for its conservation

29. Write down the effects of natural disaster and illegal trade on animals in detail. 7

30. What is radioactive pollution? Explain the causes and effects of it on human health and environment. 2+2.5+2.5

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