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SLC Model Question (Compulsory English)

1. Read the following poem and answer the questions given below. [5]
This is the weather the cuckoo likes,
And so do I;
When showers betumble the chestnut spikes,
and nestings fly;
And the little brown nightingale bills his best,
And they sit outside at ‘The Travellers Rest;
And maids comeforth spring-muslin dressed
And citizens dream of the south and west,
And so do I;
This is the weather the cuckoo shuns
And so do I
When beaches drip in brown and duns,
And thresh and ply;
And hill-hid tides throb, throe and throe,
And drops on gate-bars hang in a row,
And rooks in families homewards go,
And so do I
A. Answer the following questions: [3×1=3]
i. Why do nestings fly?
ii. Why do the citizens dream of the south and west?
iii. What weather does the cuckoo shun?
B. Find the words from the poem, which have the following meanings: [4×0.5=2]
i. civilians ii. keeps away
iii. wield iv. Separate

2. Read the following text and do the activities given below: [10]
Second before Neha entered into her bedroom, when suddenly, she heard an outcry from below. “It’s all over.” She thought as she stiffened and sank down on the stairs. It was then that the baby-boy had slid through the hole, hit the second-floor window shade and landed heavily on Vikram’s chest. His strong arms closed tightly around Kanhaiya. Vikram lost his balance and fell back.
Looking out through her bedroom window grille sobbing Neha, noticed that the crowd had dispersed even Kanhaiya was not there. She rushed down and a man on the ground floor told her that her son was safe and had been taken to a nearby clinic.
Kanhaiya was being treated for minor bruises who grabbed and clung to her when she approached him. Standing by him was a young stranger who was the savior of her beloved son. “I have no words to express my gratefulness to you.” She kept on telling stranger. “I was only doing what I had to do.” Said Vikram “but I wish nobody leave small children near windows.”

A. Find the words from the poem which are opposite in meaning to the following words: [4×0.5=2]
i. gently
ii. smiling
iii. killer
iv. familiar
B. Answer the following questions: [4×1.5=6]
i. How did Kanhaiya fall off the window?
ii. How was he saved?
iii. What did Neha tell Vikram?
iv. What is the message of the text?
C. Rewrite the following sentences in correct order: [4×0.5=2]
i. Neha was grateful to Vikram.
ii. Vikram managed to catch him.
iii. Kanhaiya fell off the window.
iv. He was rushed to a clinic.

3. Read the following passage and do the activities given below: [10]
At five in the evening, they threw away their sticks and implements and repaired to the verenda to rest. They have turned up every grass blade and shrub, so that the tinest insect coming into the garden should have no cover, they were loudly discussing the various measures they would take to protect themselves against reptiles in the future when Dasa appeared before them carrying a water pot. He put the pot down and said; I have caught him in this I saw him peeping out of it…….. I saw him before he could see me; they stood at a safe distance and gazed on the pot. Dasa had the glow of a champion on his face. ‘Don’t call me idler here after; he said mother complimented him on his sharpness and wished she had placed some milk in the pot cautiously and walked off saying that he would leave the pot its contents with snake charmer living nearly he became the hero of the day.
A. Answer these questions: [4×2=8]
i. Why were stones turned up, and plants and grass cut down?
ii. What did Dasa say he would do with the water pot?
iii. What was the mother’s reaction to Dasa’s water-pot?
iv. Who became the hero of the day and how?
B. Find the similar words from the passage to the following words: [4×2=8]
i. tools
ii. smallest
iii. stared
iv. carefully

4. Read the following advertisement and do the activities given below: [15]

Government of Nepal
Ministry of Health and Population
Population Division
Vacancy Announcement

Population Division, Ministry of Health and Population Government of Nepal in collaboration with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is planning to organize a seminar to compile and update research/studies on reproduction health. Population division is pleased to announce the call for abstracts on research studies in the area of reproductive health from 1995 onwards. Government, Non Government, National and International organizations are welcome to send abstracts of studies to population division. Ministry of Health and Population, Ramshahpath by 20th January 2013. Research selected for presentation will be disseminated during the seminar planned towards the end of January; 2013. For more information please contact, Population Division Ministry of Health and Population; Ramshahpath.

A. Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements: [4×1=4]
i. UNFPA is planning to organize a seminar on reproduction health.
ii. Population Division calls for the abstracts on researches conducted since 1995.
iii. Any interested person or groups can send their abstracts.
iv. The selected researches will be presented in the seminar.
B. Fill in the gaps with suitable words: [3×1=3]
Population Division of the ministry calls for ……..of the research / study conducted since 1995 on ………. Any government or non-government organization are …………to send their abstracts.
C. Answer these questions: [4×2=4]
i. Who are partners of this program as said in the advertisement?
ii. What do they call for?
iii. Who are welcome to send their abstract?
iv. What is the last date for submitting the abstract?

5. Write a news story for the following points and give a suitable title too: [6]
Birtamod, Janury 26
A bus from Kakadvitta to Dharan; accident brake failure; near Ratuwa River, one killed, seven injured, 2 serious hospitalized, taken to Amda Hospital Damak, rescue operation police invoice, investigation going on.

6. Develop a readable story from the outline given below and give the story a suitable title and a moral: [6]
Long long ago-famine troubles a village….ten young men of village decide to go out to search for job ……set for……a river on the way ……cross river……..count their number ……….count up to 9 …….. everybody forgets to count himself ……… they think one missing or swept away ………cry a lot …….one old man …… ask …..counts ten ……. they laugh at themselves ………moral.

7. Write an essay on ‘peace and stability for prosperous Nepal’ in about 180 words: [12]

8. Rewrite the following sentences by filling the gaps with the words from the brackets: [12×0.5=6]
i. I have got ………. utensil cleaned. (a / an / the)
ii. suddenly, I was enveloped …………a dense fog. (by / in / on)
iii. He ……. four books so far. (writes / has written / wrote)
iv. The data ……..incorrect. (is / am / are)
v. Muna read a story ……….? (don’t she / doesn’t she / didn’t she)
vi. I had a good news, Its yes/no question is ……..a good news?
(had you / has you have / did you have)
vii. I wish, I ……a job. (have / will get / had)
viii. “What did you have at the lunch?”, My mother asked me. The indirect speech is my mother asked me ………..(what I had HAD at the lunch / what I have at the lunch / what I have had at the lunch)
ix. ‘Nobody enjoyed the song; This is changed into passive as; ‘The song was ………! (enjoyed by nobody / enjoyed / not enjoyed)
x. She is poor …….she is happy. (however / though / even)
xi. Please, have your room…….. (to clean / clean / cleaned)
xii. The sad film made me………. (cry / to cry / cried)

9. Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the text below: [10×0.5=5]
Before Christmas, they went to a small town in Germany. They spent …….(the / a / an) whole of Christmas eve sight seeing. There were so many activities in the town. The streets were crowed ….. (by / with / of) people and the shops were full of wonderful things. In the evening, they went to listen to Christmas songs…….(sang /sing / sung) by children round the brightly lit tree in the main square one of the boys……(is / were / was) near them. They asked him how he …….(feels / felt / was feeling) at the Christmas. He said that he was excited. He asked them if they ……..(would excited / were excited / exciting) too. They were enjoying the night ……….(because / although / because of) it was so much exciting. It made them……(feel / feels / to feel) happy. They went back to hotel. The manager and accountant ……..(was / were / are) waiting for them. He said “you had a great joy, ……..(didn’t / hadn’t / didn’t have) you?

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